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D3B: The Stroll Continues.. (Ueno, Asakusa & Tokyo Skytree)

Good morning people of WordPress! This post is the continuation for D3A: The Stroll. In case you haven’t read it yet, it would be better to read it first. 1,209 more words

D3A: The Stroll (Meguro, Shibuya & Harajuku).

Hello guys, greetings from North Jakarta!! Hopefully you guys enjoy my previous posts. Now I am going to describe our second day strolling in Japan. This day is particularly hectic. 1,492 more words

D2: The Arrival.

Good morning everyone, wherever you are in the world. We have finally arrived in Tokyo, at Haneda International Airport in Japan. After quite a long haul flight, which is 7.5 hours. 1,156 more words

D1: The Flight.

Hello everyone! What a lovely night we are having! The good thing is, my mood to write is here! Light it up everybodeeeh!

Starting off the post by thanking God, because only by HIS Grace and Protection we can make it back and forth. 372 more words

Time in Japan is of NO REGRET!

Hello, in this post (and some other more) I will share my experience travelling to Japan for roughly 10 days with my girlfriend.

Japan has been our target country for a while, when we decided to look for the airplane ticket, we waited for GATF to start. 338 more words

5 Must-visit shrines and temples in Japan

One thing I never tired of during my trip across Japan was visiting all the different shrines and temples in each city. Despite not sharing the same religious beliefs and not knowing an ounce of Japanese, it was easy to appreciate and be fully immersed in its heritage. 588 more words

A Week In Tokyo – Day 3

Welcome to Day 3 of my Week In Tokyo series. If you want to go back to see Day 1 and Day 2, see the links at the bottom of the post. 833 more words