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5 Reasons to Visit JPU Records at HYPER JAPAN

1. Meet Eir Aoi!
Yep! JPU Records will not only be exclusively selling Eir Aoi’s official merchandise and albums, but every Eir Aoi CD sold at HYPER JAPAN comes with a token to meet the singer and get stuff signed! 390 more words


Japan Underground Presents The Headbangers Bash

Prepare your ears for a merciless pummeling when Japan Underground unleashes the Headbangers Bash.

On Saturday 12 January 2013 Japan Underground, purveyors of Japanese music in the nation’s shimmering capital, once again commandeer The Pipeline bar in Liverpool Street but this time the volume is going all the way to 11. 95 more words

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Kotaku UK X Gamer Disco at The Book Club, Shoredicth

Short and sweet post of my Wednesday evening!

Although I am not much of a gamer, I am a fan of music, alcohol (in moderation), and of course Shoreditch itself so I decided to pop by the… 186 more words


Matt Kaufman's Osaka Scum Report (1995) From Thora-Zine

This is my first Osaka Scum Report back 1995 in from Thora-Zine, a great mag from Austin, Texas published by Brent Bruni Comiskey. I regret writing that mean stuff about Jerry Garcia in the intro, but hey, I was in my 20s and thought that making fun of hippies was cool (forgive me). 22 more words

Japan Noise: CCCC, Masonna, Solmania, Jojo Hiroshige etc.

CCCC with Yamamoto Seiichi (Omoide Hatoba)


Jojo Hiroshige (Hijo Kaidan) with AV star Miki Sawaguchi at Bears. I have more photos from this show somewhere. 26 more words

Exile Osaka