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"Violence and Love Are Two Sides of the Same Coin": Takashi Miike on New Film 'Yakuza Apocalypse' and the Privilege of Creative Freedom

Yakuza Apocalypse, Takashi Miike’s new film that arrives in theaters Friday, is a genre-bending spectacle containing all the violence, unpredictability, and humor of the cult Japanese director’s canon. 1,404 more words


France to Japan and Back. Julien David SS16

Julien David celebrates his 10th womenswear fashion show – and this is a major reason to look back at label’s philosophy. The eponymous label, which is designed in Paris and manufactured in Japan, is made for a specific type of customers – both women and men – who love unique clothes with apparel feeling.  146 more words


Open stall indicators, fresh flowers, and the superb cleanliness of a Japanese highway restroom

On long car trips in the U.S., I didn’t really find the prospect of using a highway rest stop bathroom significantly more appealing than just holding it until I got to my destination, whether that meant waiting until the next city or the next state. 385 more words


Eternal Innocence Lost: The Sky Crawlers (2008)

Dir. Mamoru Oshii

Country: Japan 

IMDB / WikipediaMAL / Trailer

Mamoru Oshii is many things, but one thing he rarely is is subtle. In fact, I once read someone describe his method of character dialogue as ‘standing around, talking themselves to death’ and, to be honest, it made me chuckle because it’s completely true. 646 more words


Japan: Wii U Sells 13K, Nintendo 3DS Sells 28K

The charts from Japan are out thanks to Media Create, and the week shows a surge to Sony systems following a substantial price drop in Japan. 236 more words