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Hello!! I’m back from Japan last night.

I will try to sketch all food I have in Japan. This is for Wakayama!!


A feast for all sushi lovers -- the amazing 1,000-yen lunch at Sushi Takehan Wakatsuki!

Sushi, of course, is one of the most popular Japanese foods around, and many visitors to Japan are bound to try it. There’s nothing quite like the rich flavor of fatty tuna melting in your mouth, or the sensation of biting into a sweet, thick piece of fresh scallop, right?  705 more words


ドライブ to Akizuki!

Akizuki, known for its colored leaves (紅葉) in autumn, turned out to have a perfect green scenery in spring. Two girls of my volleyball, Arisa and Madoka, picked me up by car on a sunny Sunday morning and we left for a… 416 more words


Tokyo Dome City

UPDATED: Photos recovered and text reviewed

Tokyo Dome City is one of my favourite places in Tokyo, and also the first place I visited on my first trip to… 476 more words