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Book review: A Wild Sheep Chase

The instant I entered the sheep house, all two hundred sheep turned in my direction. Half the sheep stood, the other half lay on the hay spread over their pen floors.

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Kyoto Animation didn't deserve this.

I can’t. I just, I can’t imagine what can go through a person’s mind to do this. So many innocent people are doing their dream jobs. 247 more words


PHOTOS: A selection from our far eastern honeymoon

Dear neglected blog readers, you may be aware that Jim and I got married in July 2017 (two years ago now). We were lucky enough to have free flights to Rome for a minimoon straight away. 77 more words


Kyoto Animation Fire Megathread

What we know33 people have been confirmed deceased, with 36 injuredAround 70 employees were in the building at the time the fire was startedKyoAni’s Studio 1 was lit on fire and was completely engulfed in flamesThe suspect is a 41-year old man who used gasoline on the building and on people inside before lighting the fireSuspect was injured in the attack, confessed to lighting the fire while being transported to a hospitalSuspect was heard shouting “Die” by bystanders, others have reported vague statements with no solid translation but implying he felt wronged by the studioThere are reports that the suspect intentionally spread the fire to stairwells to prevent people in the upper floors from escapingOther KyoAni studios are unaffectedVery few names have been given out; there are lots of rumors circulating about who is safe and who is not, but these should not be trustedInformation linksPrevious thread on the subjectTweets from JP news translated by @ultimatemegaxNHK WORLD (the English-speaking section of NHK):Fire dept.: 33 dead in suspected arson in KyotoForeign media cover fire at Kyoto AnimationDonations/SupportSentai Filmworks has set up a GoFundMe page to benefit KyoAni. 350 more words


Kyoto Japan Arson

Today on July 18, 2019 in Kyoto Japan more than 30 people are dead from an arson. This had happened at 2:18am and at least 70 people were inside the three-story Kyoto Animation building. 132 more words


Carole & Tuesday - Episode 14 discussion

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