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Seattle Opera Production of “An American Dream”

My husband, our older child and I attended Seattle Opera’s “An American Dream,” which was commissioned by the Seattle Opera as a “community engagement project” and premiered on August 21. 261 more words


*Manzanar, Part One:  History, Heritage, Humbug, and the Internment of Japanese-Americans

Shortly after the conclusion of World War II, Eugene Rostow, a professor of jurisprudence at Yale, and subsequently a prominent civil libertarian, penned an article for… 1,572 more words

Global Politics

Justice Thomas: 'Above George Takei's Intellectual Pay Grade'

“Thomas’s discussion was clearly above George Tekei’s intellectual pay grade. He owes the quiet justice a big, fat apology.”

Wesley J. Smith writes:

Tekei claimed falsely… 192 more words


Remembering the 442nd

As I sit on my couch this Memorial Day, still exhausted from my trip visiting the vestiges of ten concentration camps where Japanese Americans were incarcerated by the United States government during WWII (see Densho.org for more information about incarceration), it seems only appropriate that I take a moment to remember and commemorate, in what small way I can, the actions of the 442nd regiment. 519 more words

Episode 2: Working for Love (with Janice Mirikitani)

This episode is about poet Janice Mirikitani, who has been working as a writer, editor, and activist in the Bay Area since the 1960s. The episode presents a bit of her biography, her thoughts on art, one of her poems. 267 more words


Japanese American Internment: Life in the Camps

Japanese Americans’ education, employment, food sources, and living conditions changed drastically and made it very difficult for them to return to the lives they lived before internment… 7 more words

World War II

World War II from #AtoZChallenge #NaPoWriMo - J is for Japanese American Internment


Why must we leave our home mama?

Why can’t I go to my school papa?

Why did they say we weren’t American? 341 more words