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Yokohama, California, by Toshio Mori

Yokohama, California is a book of short stories.

The Woman Who Makes Swell Doughnuts is a (very!) short story of an old woman who, well, makes doughnuts — except the story isn’t really about her at all. 47 more words

Book Review

Aikido Instructor Relives the Past

A member of the crew adjusts Joe Takehara’s wardrobe

mentOn Thursday, April 28, Chicago Aikido Club senior instructor Joe Takehara stepped back through time into his own past. 412 more words


The Rafu Shimpo, Oldest Japanese-American Newspaper, Faces Possible Closure

LOS ANGELES (CBS/AP) — The oldest Japanese-American newspaper could close in December unless it doubles its subscribers or raises about $500,000 in revenue.

The Los Angeles Times reports The Rafu Shimpo has been struggling to adjust to the changing media landscape and with declining readership. 100 more words


Labels and Identity: who decides when we're [identity] enough

Oh, labels. Oh, identity. So complicated. So controversial. Just talking about identity makes me uncomfortable now, because sometimes it seems like I can’t win. Depending the audience, I’m either not focused enough on identity, or I’m too focused on identity. 1,058 more words


The unbelievable true story of a Japanese family that went to war with itself | The Japan Times

This is currently one of the most-read articles in the Japan Times. It’s a recommended read.

During the endgame of World War II, Harry Fukuhara, a member of a… 72 more words


More Blasts from Chicago Aikido's Past

Earlier, we posted a photo from the original Illinois Aikido Club provided by our friend Erik Matsunaga, who is involved in ongoing research into the history of the Japanese American community in Chicago. 13 more words