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Forced Relocation: April 1942

A Sermon for March 13, 2016

A five year old tells the story of the spring of 1942, when soldiers with bayonets marched up to his home and ordered the family out.   661 more words

Keigo Hirakawa Quartet - Live Jazz at Cliff Bell's in Detroit - June 23

“Keigo Hirakawa is a jazz pianist with a unique sense of expressiveness and rhythm section interaction. Sought after for his willingness to be musically spontaneous on stage, he brings highly personal and energetic style of improvisation to ensembles.” 321 more words


Review: Baseball Saved Us

Baseball Saved Us

Author: Ken Mochizuki

Illustrator: Dom Lee

Published in 1995 by Lee & Low Books

Baseball Saved Us is the story of Shorty, his family, and thousands of other Japanese-Americans who are removed from their homes and sent to internment camps during World War II following the attack on Pearl Harbor. 190 more words

Book Review

April 2017 in Photos

These photos were taken in early April when I took a road trip to Manzanar National Historic Site, the former internment camp, to write this essay for NPR… 99 more words

Photo Diary

IONTW – April 23, 2017

Art is part of the world it is made in – reflection, reaction, documenting or commenting – and receives meaning from both the maker and the viewer, and there’s often more than… 101 more words


spare thoughts #2

breakfast as dinner is bomb though.

and breakfast as a late night meal.

something about eggs is so comforting at night. maybe it’s just the right amount of saltiness or warmth, or it could just be my Japanese American upbringing consisting of 80% of comfort foods having eggs in it haha


The Geography of Silence

The Geography of Silence

1. Laundry drooping at midday.

2. She dreams off-key, in pastels.

3. With misunderstanding comes anger.

4. Mata! Mata! Again!

5. Ashes crossing the ocean. 40 more words