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IONTW – April 23, 2017

Art is part of the world it is made in – reflection, reaction, documenting or commenting – and receives meaning from both the maker and the viewer, and there’s often more than… 95 more words


spare thoughts #2

breakfast as dinner is bomb though.

and breakfast as a late night meal.

something about eggs is so comforting at night. maybe it’s just the right amount of saltiness or warmth, or it could just be my Japanese American upbringing consisting of 80% of comfort foods having eggs in it haha


The Geography of Silence

The Geography of Silence

1. Laundry drooping at midday.

2. She dreams off-key, in pastels.

3. With misunderstanding comes anger.

4. Mata! Mata! Again!

5. Ashes crossing the ocean. 40 more words


Executive Order 9066, 75 years later

During World War II, over 110,000 Japanese Americans and Japanese immigrants were sent to internment camps across the west. Almost two thirds of them were American citizens. 197 more words


Updates (research and life)

Hello there!

This blog has unfortunately been pretty inactive in the past few years (despite me wanting to go back to it), but I wanted to announce that I’m hoping to move (or copy) all of the information about Oberlin Nikkei students to their own page. 606 more words

An Argument: On 1942

— for my mother

Near Rose’s Chop Suey and Jinosuke’s grocery,
the temple where incense hovered and inspired
dense evening chants (prayers for Buddha’s mercy, 269 more words

Death, Noted

The upcoming Netflix-created Death Note film has been whitewashed so thoroughly, Tom Sawyer must have told Netflix how to do it.

I thought about posting another author rant about this one, (another meaning, pursuant to the Ghost in the Shell fiasco) but then figured…this might be better. 582 more words