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Woman with a Blue Pencil

Reading Decathlon, book 2

Title: Woman with a Blue Pencil

Author: Gordon McAlpine

Genre: literary mystery

Themes: racism, war, patriotism, stereotypes, love

Setting: Los Angeles/California 1941… 165 more words


Me, Me, Me, and Me

Casey Neistat, a YouTuber said that “ok, so…” was the obligatory way for video bloggers to start off, so I’m going to make it my IG/blog intro. 647 more words

Japanese American

printing the questions

all inked up and … well yes I do have something else I could print! one at a time? no, both together (later think maybe the thing would have been one one way and one the other but ohwells) and ha, same length line easy lock up and hey the ink color goes with what’s already printed verycool perhaps I even had that in the back of my mind when I was choosing and BOOM right off the bat prints up nicely thankyouverymuch after all that circling round getting back to it the printing goes in a whoosh although as I go along yes bit more ink and also just a tad more impression even better but even the firsts are good … good enough … it’s letterpress right? 169 more words


Questions 27 and 28

shouldn’t run out of any letters here

finally – ha. that makes it sound like there’s some kind of plan/time line for this thing, deadline, right, which there isn’t really, except ah, dead, yes, would have to finish it before then. 485 more words


Big Bad Termites

The 55 foot Yagura tower was once made out of wood but termites saw to the end of that.

Just like the three little pigs, it came back stronger, not in wood, but in steel. 49 more words

Japanese American

Unhyphenated Patriots, Part 2

“All of us can’t stay in the camps until the end of the war. Some of us have to go to the front. Our record on the battlefield will determine when you will return and how you will be treated.

411 more words
Japanese American

Kenta Maeda Bobblehead for 40,000 Fans at Dodger Stadium Tuesday, July 26

“Get ready for Dodger baseball!”

The first 40,000 Dodger fans will receive a Kenta Maeda bobblehead during a celebration of “Japan Night” by Japan House and the San Manuel Indian Bingo Casino at Dodger Stadium on Tuesday, July 26. 220 more words