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Yes, I’ve been lazy. I haven’t been lazy watching or reading mysteries, just writing about them. No excuses, just haven’t been doing it. But, I’ve decided to get some posting done so here is my first review in a long while. 458 more words

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My Mother Taught me to be "Colorblind" & Fuck You for Telling me I'm Racist Because of it

I haven’t posted on here in a while, but that’s how I am with blogs. As much as I’d love to keep up with them, I just never really do. 1,450 more words

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Title: Tithe
Author: Holly Black
Genre: Urban Fantasy, Fantasy, Contemporary
Rating: ☆ || 4.0 stars

Tithe was and remains one of my favourite books from my childhood, and I still look back on it fondly, though I can’t tell if it’s because of nostalgia, or because Kaye was one of the only explicitly Asian characters in my life back then, or because Rath Roiben Rye was so hunky or what. 761 more words


Spreading Understanding

My friend was born and raised in Hawaii. His parents were Japanese-American. His mother was sent to an internment camp during World War II. It’s a complicated story how she got released and ended up in Japan for the war’s duration. 432 more words

[VIDEO] Dr. Krauthammer: Obama ‘Deliberately Trying to Deny’ Radical Islam Ideology of Terrorists

“Look, the fact that the President goes way out of his way, for seven and a half years, to avoid the phrase that is obviously the most descriptive of the enemy, radical Islam, means he’s doing it for a purpose.” 150 more words

Apple Orchard

I had a nightmare last night. In my dream I didn’t know where I was, but I was trapped, somehow unable to either open or close my eyes. 847 more words


“Before you can do something
you’ve never done before,
you have to imagine it’s possible.”
Jean Shinoda Bolen

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