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Influence of Japanese-Americans still felt in Malheur County

The attack on Pearl Harbor 75 years ago impacted Malheur County as some of the Japanese-Americans ordered away from the western coasts of the U.S. were recruited to the county and southwest Idaho for help with agriculture production. 64 more words

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Japan in Depth: Pearl Harbor Visit Final Stage of Japan-U.S. Reconciliation

It was previously thought that Abe was not inclined to visit Pearl Harbor. In the process of arranging Obama’s visit to Hiroshima, the U.S. State Department communicated secretly with Japan about the possibility of Abe visiting Pearl Harbor. 645 more words
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Japanese-American incarceration needs to be remembered 

While there are differences over the scale of the plan to memorialize the World War II incarceration camp that housed nearly 20,000 Japanese-Americans near Tulelake, there’s strong support for doing it. 44 more words


Book review: Uprooted: The Japanese American Experience during World War II, by Albert Marrin

Marrin, Albert. Uprooted: The Japanese American Experience during World War II. Knopf, 2016. $17.99. 246p. ISBN 9780553509366. Ages 14+. P5Q10

One of the three biggest travesties in the United States—the others being the Vietnam War and the oppression of minorities—occurred during World War II when the U.S. 164 more words

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Honoring a Japanese American WWII Veteran on Veterans Day

Courtesy of International Historical Research Associates-

YouTube video, posted by Heather Wokusch, a 2012 interview with Kazuo “Fred” Yamaguchi, who served in the U.S. Military Intelligence Service. 198 more words


You can’t have war without racism. You can have a world without both.

After all, the 1% benefit from the theft from and exploitation of these people, so in their view, nothing else matters. And these crimes against humanity have been perpetrated for decades.    2,351 more words


WWII: Life on the Home Front...six picks for kids

WWII involved civilians more than any previous war, not only due to the millions killed in bombings and imprisonment, but also the wholehearted participation of those at home sacrificing for the sake of the armies, defending against attacks, maintaining farming and industry despite the absence of those away fighting, awaiting news of loved ones. 1,029 more words