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Japanese internment & Elimination DACA. A Logical and emotional Fallacy

Nancy Pelosi’s statement as well as to a lesser degree  Michelle Lujan Grisham’s comparing President Trump’s decision to end the DACA executive order to the internment, confiscation of property and deportation of legal residents and citizens is a pathetic affront to the Japanese (Issei) and American citizens who suffered from President Franklin Roosevelt’s executive order 9006 in 1942. 529 more words

I Hate History..It Is Sooo Boring

Have you ever heard that before? Maybe you feel the same way? I have always enjoyed history.

In fact, my undergraduate degree from Colorado State University was in history. 1,744 more words

Democrat Constituencies

The Japanese Lover (Recommended)

The Japanese Lover by Isabel Allende

Marvelous romance intertwined with history, suffering, survival, and profound friendship.

Playing The Un-American Card: America's Real Race Card

 Let us cut to the chase, at the heart of this diatribe regarding the “un-American” and the “foreigner” is what is actually being said to the American-born person of color or the recent non-white immigrant: You are not white; therefore you are not and cannot be a real American. 2,030 more words

Human Rights

Documents of Loss: Dave Tatsuno’s Records in the San Francisco Branch Evacuee Property Files

Today’s post is written by Jana Leighton, an Archivist in the Electronic Records Division at the National Archives at College Park with support from Kaitlyn Crain Enriquez, Archives Technician in the Still Pictures Branch at the National Archives at College Park. 1,159 more words

Archives II

Finding my Activist Vocal Cords

I was given an opportunity to express my activism real time this weekend. Spontaneously speaking up and responding verbally is much harder for me than creating art. 587 more words


Beef Teriyaki Skewering

The Obon Festival is a time when Japanese-American people return to their communities and honor the deceased. According the Buddhist Church, the Obon Festival is called Kangi-e, the gathering of joy. 28 more words

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