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Toyo's Camera (Junichi Suzuki, 2009, 98 mins)

Born in Japan in 1895, Toyo Miyatake came to the U.S. in 1909.  As an adult, he set up a photo studio in the Little Tokyo section of Los Angeles, and in the 1930s became famous for photographing Michio Ito’s dance troupe. 1,625 more words


Sites of Internment and Surveillance Hidden in the American West

The mosaic of ethnicities in the United States both appears so inclusive and diverse that the state’s sanctioning of the forcible spatial segregation of one ethnic group –Japanese Americans–almost seems impossibly remote in time and culture.   5,829 more words

Data Visualizations

Tokio Sukiyaki House and Frank Tanaka

This article was written for the Statesman Journal and published Sunday May 3rd.  It is reproduced here with citations and additional images for reference purposes. 1,467 more words


Redefining Asian America: Japanese Americans, Gardena, and the Making of a Transnational Suburb

Naomi Hirahara never “got” Raymond Chandler. The dark, mistrustful view of Los Angeles that Chandler’s work so embodied seemed foreign to the award-winning mystery writer. “He has set a tone for stories about the darkness under L.A.’s glitz for 80 years, but I can’t relate to the paranoid view Chandler had of my Los Angeles, or his fear of ‘the other,’ or how his loner detective Philip Marlowe navigated his investigative cases without the weight of family or community,” she confessed in a… 2,793 more words


Imprisoned: The Betrayal of Japanese Americans during World War II

Imprisoned: The Betrayal of Japanese Americans during World War II
Author: Martin W. Sandler
Grade(s): 5
Lexile: 1240

Examines the American internment of Japanese Americans and immigrants in concentration camps during World War II, and the struggle of internees to rebuild their lives after they were freed at the end of the war.

Pages: 176

5th Grade

Japanese American Internment: Life in the Camps

Japanese Americans’ education, employment, food sources, and living conditions changed drastically and made it very difficult for them to return to the lives they lived before internment… 7 more words

World War II

Selling Memories and History

By Judy Berman

The yellowed, tattered newspaper clippings and mementos that were part of my late mother-in-law’s life brought back a flood of memories.

As my husband started to inventory his mother’s belongings years ago, I thought about how little she spent on herself. 809 more words