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Art on Tuesday: Changing Years

This picture was painted by Hirezaki Eihô 鰭崎英朋 (1881-1968) and is titled Changing Years. Although this scene is slightly melancholic it is very beautiful and charming. 29 more words


Art on Tuesday: Cherry Blossom Viewing

Here is a lovely scene of a cherry blossom viewing party 花見 (hanami) in a Japanese palace garden.The cherry tree is in full bloom. It was painted by Kikuzawa Eizan 菊川 英山 (1787-1867). 41 more words


Art on Tuesday: Kabuki Actor

This is an ukiyo e of an kabuki actor called Nakumara Utaemon by the Japanese painter Kawase Hasui (1883-1957). There are six generations of kabuki actors with the same name, all have been very famous in Japan.


Idols (K/J/T artists) and plastic surgery.

Hi, Welcome to my blog. Today’s topic is personally opinionated and does not mean to insult or be rude to any person at all… I mean I really appreciate the Kpop artists and the Korean Actors!!!! 736 more words


Art on Tuesday: Cherry Blossom Tree

Hiroshi Yoshida 吉田 博 (1876-1950) painted this impressive picture of a cherry blossom viewing under the moon in 1926. It’s title is 雲井桜 Kumoi Cherry Tree. 52 more words


Some Thoughts on 'Reception' by Maiko

I melted into the dream as if I had always been there. I knew where I had come from; I knew where I was going.

534 more words

Japanese-International Song Collaborations to add to Your Playlist

With the Japanese music industry being one of the biggest in the world, many Japanese artists are starting to make a name for themselves in the international market. 462 more words