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Review for In a Japanese Garden Coloring Book

In a Japanese Garden Coloring Book is Tuttle Publishing’s follow-up to Floating World Japanese Prints Coloring Book (February 2016). And let’s just go ahead and address the elephant in the room right now: In case you didn’t know (*cough* *cough*) … 624 more words

Coloring Book

Dorodo Museum, Zxio

The Dorodo Museum on Corsica introduces some real life artists from Japan. There are a variety of artists represented with information for further exploration.The art can be purchased at a very reasonable price. 211 more words

Art on Tuesday: Shower at Ume Bridge

Hasegawa Sadanobu I 長谷川貞信 (1809-1879) painted a picture of the Ume Bridge (Plum Bridge) in Ôsaka. It is a charming scene of a summer day and all of a sudden there is rain pouring down (北新地梅之橋白雨). 135 more words


Art on Tuesday: Iris Garden

Iris Garden in Horikiri from the series Twelve Scenes of Tokyo 東京拾二題 堀切の志ようぶ by Yoshida Hiroshi 吉田 博 (1876-1950), painted in 1928. The Iris is a summer flower, in bloom from May to July and can be found all over Japan. 28 more words


Art on Tuesday: Summer Moon at Miyajima

Tsuchiya Koitsu 土屋光逸 (1870-1949) painted Summer Moon in Miyajima around 1936. You have a view from the Itsukushima Shrine 厳島神社 on the famous Torii in the water. 22 more words


Art on Tuesday: Mount Fuji seen across a Ray

Ando Hiroshige’s 安藤 広重 (1797-1858) Mount Fuji seen across a Ray made in 1856. The picture is part of the series Famous Views of the 60 Provinces 六十余州名所図会 … 121 more words


Art on Tuesday: Lake Chûzenji

This is a landscape woodblock print by Hiroshige II 二代 広重 (1826-1869) called Chûzenji Lake in Shimozuke Province 下野中禅寺湖水 made in 1860. It is part of the series… 30 more words