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Art on Tuesday: Morning Hair

This beautiful picture was painted by Torii Kotondo (1900-1976) in 1932. He was very famous for his many bijin-ga . The title of this ukiyo e is Morning Hair… 60 more words


Art on Tuesday: After the Bath

This ukiyo e showing a woman after the bath was made by Itô Shinsui (1960), who painted mainly Japanese women in different styles.


Talking Heads #45

Melancholic Bodies

Softcover Japanese language art magazine themed on “Melancholic Body ~ The pitiful but beautiful body’s favorite knowledge” (メランコリックな身体~痛々しくも美しきカラダの偏愛学). Each artwork presented focuses on the beauty that can be found in a deformed, mutilated, or dead body. 103 more words


Art on Tuesday: Women on a Bridge

These two elegant ladies were painted by the Japanese artist Isoda Koryûsai 礒田湖龍斎 (1735-1790) around the years 1760-80. They are feeding  the koi carps under the bridge.


Art on Tuesday: Two Women

This picture was made by the female painter Uemura Shôen 上村 松園 (1875-1949).
I adore her use of pastel colors and the soft transitions on the woman’s kimono on the left side. 44 more words


The Destruction of War and Cultural Takeover in Japan in Shomei Tomatsu's "Pencil of the Sun"

“Melted Bottle,” 1961

Shomei Tomatsu’s photographic series, “Pencil of the Sun,” captures the changing indigenous culture of Okinawa in the years before it fell under Japan’s administration…”

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