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Art on Tuesday: Ueno Park

This month I am very fond of the ukiyo- e night scenes. Here is another picture of Koho Shoda (1871-1946). It’s title is Ueno Park, which is in Tôkyô. 14 more words


Art on Tuesday: Viewing River

This lovely scene was painted by Kaburagi Kiyokata 鏑木清方(1878-1973) in 1912. Two beautiful girls – bijins- are standing at the riverside. They are wearing gorgeous kimonos with flower pattern and calligraphic motifs.


Art on Tuesday: Waiting

This ukiyo-e by Komura Settai 小村雪岱 (1887 – 1940) painted in 1935 is very similar to the picture of Uemura Shôen上村 松園 (1875-1949) with the title   17 more words


Book Review: An Artist of the Floating World

I wrote this book review couple of months ago for an art magazine back home in Nepal. I wanted to post it on my blog as well. 799 more words


Art on Tuesday: Wind

Suzuki Haranobu 鈴木 春信 (1725-1770) painted this two girls. It is obviously a windy day, as they are protecting their hats from flying away. Funny, as they bend to the right and left, it looks like the girls are dancing. 31 more words


Art on Tuesday: Night Scenes. Ohashi Brigde

This scene was painted by the Japanese artist Koho Shoda (1871-1946). He is known for his works of the so-called shin-hanga movement, which means new prints… 19 more words


Art on Tuesday: Maiko in Spring

This ukiyo-e shows a “Maiko in Spring”. The picture was made by 北野 恒富 Kitano Tsunetomi in 1931. He is a Japanese artist known for bijin-ga. 35 more words