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Shing02 & Nujabes - Luv(sic) Hexology

The countdown is on. Only a few more weeks until the end of the semester. Only a few more roadblocks until my trip to Japan. While I am extremely excited for the adventure, I must say that it is making this end-of-semester haul a lot harder than usual. 233 more words


DJ Whitesmith - We All Victims

Halfway through my last class of the day yesterday, some invisible being decided to drive a semi-truck into the right portion of my brain. It had been awhile since I felt the familiar hell that is a migraine, and somehow, they are not quite as fun as I remember. 284 more words

Japanese Artists

Daoko - DAOKO

Whenever I listen to new music, I try to go in with an opened mind. I try to form an opinion about a particular piece of work by itself, not a product of what the artist has created in the past. 335 more words


Art on Tuesday: Clearing Weather

This picture is called: Awazu seiran 粟津 晴嵐 Mountain vapor of Awazu. From the series Eight Views of Ômi 近江八景. It is made by Kitao Masayoshi 北尾 政美, also known as Kuwagata Keisai 鍬形蕙斎 (1764-1824). 19 more words


The Hiatus - Trash We'd Love

It’s been a rough month. This is the time of the semester where things ramp up and get busy. Luckily, this week comes with a small break for Thanksgiving, before the toughest stretch begins. 309 more words


Art on Tuesday: Landscape

Totoya Hokkei 魚屋 北渓 (1780–1850) painted this picture in 1827. His ukiyo-e are often combined with poems as he illustrated several books. He is well-known as an excellent pupil of Katsushika Hokusai 葛飾 北斎.


Monoeyes - A Mirage in the Sun

I had a pretty relaxing weekend. There is always a calm after an onslaught of exams and assignments, like the peace after a chaotic storm. No new material means no homework. 403 more words