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Branded to Kill

Cinema noir is widely admired for visual stylization that was at least in part a response to low budgets. One of the last true noirs was the 1967 black-and-white “ 745 more words

Stephen O. Murray

Fighting Elegy

Fighting Elegy” is a title somewhere between obscure and misleading. “Elegy to Violence” and “Natural-Born Fighter” are other titles under which Suzuki Seijun’s 1966 “ 612 more words

Stephen O. Murray

100 best Japanese labor films

Last June the NPO organization “Hataraku Bunka Net” made and released a list of the 100 best Japanese labor films, a vast and varied list that besides documentaries includes also many classic movies and big names, TV series, indies and so on, from the beginning of cinema, with the actualities filmed by the Lumière company at the end of 19th century, to the present day. 625 more words


Tattooed Life

There are some pistols in Suzuki Seijun’s “Tattooed Life” 1965), which is set in 1926, but the main fight scene involves swords and a spearman. 374 more words

Stephen O. Murray

Suzuki's "Youth of the Beast"

I don’t know why Suzuki Seijun’s 1963 transitional or breakout movie is called “Youth of the Beast” (Yajû No Seishun). Its protagonist, Mizuno Joji ( 651 more words

Stephen O. Murray

Warm Water Under a Red Bridge

Akai hashi no shi_ta no nurui mizu” (“Warm water under a red bridge,” 2001) was the last feature film directed by Imamura Shohei (1926-2006). 715 more words

Stephen O. Murray

FANTASIA 2016 : Momotaro, Sacred Sailors (Mitsuyo Seo - Japan)

Daria Gamliel  for Cinetalk.net

Restored in 4K, Mitsuyo Seo’s Momotaro, Sacred Sailors has not lost its old film texture. The whites are crisp, but the darkest black areas tend to bleed in the charming way that old movies do. 260 more words

Fantasia 2016