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Cure (1997): Entering The Void

Don’t be fooled by the synopsis — Cure is more of a modern existentialist nightmare than a standard cat-and-mouse thriller. This is a movie that views humans as nothing more than blank figures twisted in different directions by obligations that mean nothing, animals in cages, always stagnant and ever-tortured by our constricting modern ways of life. 595 more words

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Blade of the Immortal (Japan, 2017)

Daria Gamliel for Cinetalk.net

Takashi Miike is known for trying his hand at any film genre. His penchant however, tends toward the macabre, the violent and the humorous. 322 more words

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Homework set 20.11.17

  • Write up initial ideas about ‘Irezumi’ on blog. Review 22.11.17
  • Ensure all notes on ‘Ugetsu’ is on blog. Notes on all three scenes from ‘Ugetsu’. Review 22.11.17…
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Saturday Matinee: The Twilight Samurai

“The Twilight Samurai” (aka Tasogare Seibei たそがれ清兵衛, 2002), is a realist Samurai drama co-written and directed by Yoji Yamada set in mid-19th century Japan. It stars Hiroyuki Sanada as Seibei, a low-ranking samurai widower struggling to support his daughters and dementia-afflicted mother, who is forced by his clan’s leaders to kill a skilled rogue samurai. 35 more words


Some recent Japanese dvd releases

Animated film in which Jun has been cursed to live a life of silence after a fairy closes her mouth following her parents’ divorce. 166 more words

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Mary and the Witch's Flower- Movie Review

Hiromasa Yonebayashi has once again taken me on an adventure I can’t get out of my head. I left the movie theater ecstatic and rambling on about my favorite parts of the movie and how adorable Tib and Gib (the two cats) were! 356 more words

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Seven Samurai (1954 Japan)

One of the greatest motion pictures ever made, Akira Kurosawa’s Seven Samurai is crafted with such grace, passion and dedication that every moment of its 207 minutes running time seems relevant to the plot, and it never feels overlong. 604 more words