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One Foodie & A Nerd's Guide to the 23rd Annual Victoria Film Festival

Tickets can be bought online or at the door. A one time $2 membership fee is required to attend all movies.

The 23rd Annual Victoria Film Festival… 1,314 more words



The 2009 Oscar winner that no one predicted was the Japanese movie “Okuribito” (Departures) receiving the best foreign-language film award rather than “Waltz with Bashir” or “The Class.” The movie had not been released in America beyond the Hawaii Film Festival and only had a limited release in May 2009 after winning the award. 1,009 more words

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2016: The Year in Film

2016 was my first full year of retirement. I made 33 trips to movie theaters, the most trips I’ve made in a single year in over two decades, and I saw 34 movies there. 4,015 more words

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Toshiaki Toyoda’s - TOSHIAKI TOYODA: THE EARLY YEARS - available on dvd

Triple bill of cult Japanese films – ‘Pornostar’ (1998) , ‘Unchain’ (2000) and ‘9 Souls’ (2003). 73 more words

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"No Blood Relation" (1932, dir. Mikio Naruse)

Mikio Naruse, once one of the most championed of Japanese filmmakers, is today incredibly overshadowed by the names Akira Kurosawa, Yasujiro Ozu, and Kenji Mizoguchi — among others. 1,055 more words


Deadly sibling rivalry among the affluent and alienated postwar "sun tribe"

Taiyozoku (Sun Tribe) was coined to describe the rich, bored, nihilistic, and often vicious young characters invoked in books by Ishihara Shintarô (1932-), Season of… 594 more words

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"Going straight" is difficult for someone with a temper and ongoing provocations

Sabita naifu” (The Rusty Knife, 1958, directed by Masuda Toshio) is a noir film from the Nikkatsu studio with the then-big star singer and actor Ishihara Yûjirô (Crazed Fruit, … 434 more words

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