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Aragane 「鉱」by Oda Kaori

Aragane is the first full-length movie by Oda Kaori, a talented Japanese director who had her debut in 2012 at the Nara International Film Festival with the short… 785 more words


Kobayashi Against the System

“Seppuku” (known here as “Harakiri” (1962) and the “Human Condition” trilogy (1959-61, based on Kobayashi Masaki’s wartime incarceration in a Manchurian forced labor camp) are among the most harrowing films I’ve seen, carried by superlative-deserving performances by Nakadai Tatsuya (who went on to play the central role in the last two great Kurosawa films, “Kagemusha” and “Ran”). 962 more words

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Restored Akira Kurosawa masterpiece - RAN - out on dvd and Blu Ray

RAN (15) 1985 JAPAN KUROSAWA, AKIRA DVD £19.99 BLU RAY £24.99
This complex, newly restored, Oscar-winning epic is Kurosawa’s interpretation of King Lear.

Set in 16th century Japan,  ailing warlord (Tatsuya Nakadai) cedes his power to his three sons, who are selfish and treacherous. 34 more words

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Kobayashi's 1956 "Izumi" (Spring/Fountainhead)

For me, the most interesting part of Kobayashi’s 1956 “Izumi” (a title that means “a spring” or “a fountain” but that has been rendered in English as “The Fountainhead”, a title already used by Ayn Rand for her 1943 novel and the 1949 movie adaptation of it, starring Gary Cooper and Patricia Neal) is the rural-urban clash. 424 more words

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Kobayashi's yearning youth “Somewhere under the wide sky” (1954)

The title of Kobayashi Masaki’s 1954 movie “Somewhere under the wide sky” (“Kono hiroi sora no dokoka ni”, also rendered “Somewhere beneath the broad sky”) is something the younger brother, Noboru (Ishihama Akira), tells his impoverished and now tubercular classmate, Mitsui. 461 more words

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The Kobayashi/Abe "Thick-Walled Room"

All four films on the Criterion set of Kobayashi movies (Against the System) are very critical of Japanese conduct, during and after the Pacific War (WWII). 402 more words

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Kobayashi’s second movie, “Magorko” (1953)


Ishihama Akira was back (from “My Sons’ Youth“) as a well-behaved son in Kobayashi Masaki’s second movie, the tearjerker “Magorko” (“Sincerity” or “The Sincere Heart,” 1953) scripted by… 349 more words

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