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Cruel Story Of Youth (1960)

I love Japanese cinema so much.My favourite Japanese film era is the 1940’s and 1950’s,and the great Kenji Mizoguchi is my favourite Japanese director. I have long wanted to check out some of the Japanese New Wave films(these films began to appear in the late 50’s and went on into the 70’s). 1,158 more words


Manhunt (2017)

My trailer review for Last Day Deaf of the new John Woo film:


20th Udine Far East Film Festival: One Cut of the Dead Review

Is there anything that has yet to be seen in the zombie film genre? You might think there isn’t, but One Cut of the Dead… 719 more words


Battle Royale (2000) is a Mixed Bag of Fun and Hilarity

It’s been a long time running since I resolved to watch Battle Royale. My friends dolloped it with heaps of praise. Acquaintances were more than eager to recommend that I watch it. 920 more words


Tag (Film) Review

This month is May-hem Month (see what Jill did there?!) and we start off with quite the bang. I’m not sure if that’s in a good way either because I am still trying to work out what the fuck happened. 769 more words

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Walk Cheerfully (1930): Yasujiro Ozu's toe-tapping tough guys

I wrote this essay for the BFI’s The Ozu Collection – The Gangster Films DVD box set, released in 2013. 

The cheeky twist in the story of Yasujiro Ozu is the revelation that the director Donald Richie hails as the ‘most Japanese of all’ was actually a devoted fan of American movies. 1,359 more words

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