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"Everyday is a journey, and the journey itself is home." (Matsuo Basho)

My trip to Japan has been one of the most inspirational journeys as of yet. Japan is still among the most unspoiled countries where tourism hasn’t managed to ruin the authenticity of culture and country yet. 211 more words


Sushisai Wakichi 鮨菜 和喜智

The foodie highlight of our Hokkaido trip in Sapporo landed us at Sushisai Wakichi, a Michelin-starred Japanese sushi restaurant where the chef Mitsuaki Tamura-san operates a minimalist dining experience serving only 8 diners at a time across two seatings each evening. 979 more words


Animal Themed Manju by Namikoshiken @ Aichi, Nagoya - Too Cute to be Eaten

If life is like a box of chocolates, cute is a box of these manju from Nagoya.

Founded in 1927, Japanese confectionery Namikoshiken 浪越軒 has been producing tons of traditional sweets – but none of them have come close to winning the Internet over like their animal themed buns! 523 more words


Some more stuff

Ok, so there was this one day when I walked past a poster that said Crystal Jade’s xiao long bao is $2 with every bowl of la mian. 473 more words


Food Review: Sansotei Ramen

(Image Source: Yelp.ca)

When I think of comfort food, Ramen is the first thing that comes to mind!
For those of you who have yet to discover this magical Japanese dish, Ramen is essentially noodle soup that’s cooked in a rich creamy (usually pork bone but it varies) broth topped with a bunch of different toppings such as egg (soft boiled ones are the bomb!), green onion, fungus, seaweed, corn etc. 923 more words


Make Okonomoyaki (Japanese pancake) at home

This Japanese delight, Okonomiyaki (Japanese pancake or pizza), pronounced ok-on-om-o-ya-ki is one of my (many) favourite Japanese dishes. I’ve made it a few times and trust me, it’s much easier to make then it is to pronounce! 536 more words


Cross Blog 4: Magic in TV Ads

If you have read my previous blog, you might notice that I have introduced how Genki sushi promoted the use of i-Pad to make a food order. 567 more words

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