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This is brown sugar and flour, deep fried. How did Japan know what I needed when I didn’t even know? 4.9/5


Sushi Express Cafe at Gloria Hotel- Dubai Media City

From a non-sushi lover to huge sushi fan, that’s me. Five years ago, I would never venture to a Japanese restaurant or a sushi bar, things changed slowly when I started visiting some really good and authentic sushi restaurants. 524 more words


Big Katsu

As far as I can tell, this is about halfway between a hot pocket and a fish stick. I’m glad we don’t have these in the U.S. 27 more words


Green Tea Kit Kats

I have talked before about how much and why I don’t like wafers in my rating for Prince Polo, but I’m so flummoxed by green tea as a white chocolate flavoring that I can’t keep track of any of the other ingredients in this thing and it magically becomes pretty good. 3.0/5


Omakase at Ryo Sushi (Orchid Hotel)

If you don’t already know, I love Japanese cuisine, especially Omakase (leaving the menu selection to the chef). I am very particular about eating raw fish – it… 476 more words


Sushi Mondays

My nieces are all in school now and it has been a bit of an adjustment for them in transitioning into preschool/kindergarten. Some of the girls had an easier time but the youngest one was not feeling too positive about it. 67 more words

Food & Sweets


These are little cookie sticks that come covered in a huge variety of flavored…stuff? As a fan of both cookies and flavors I am into it, except for the flavor that, as far as I can tell, just says “men’s.” There are precious few men I have ever wanted to taste and since Gary Cole is still walking around being in movies, it’s probably not flavored with him. 4.1/5