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Shiizakana: Not bound by tradition

Never stop learning because the moment you give up and think you know everything, you’re already done as . You should just quit.

Last night, my partner suggested we watch this episode of Chef’s Table on Netflix because he said he thought of me when he watched it.

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Japanese people reveal the six western foods they find most disgusting

Japanese cuisine is known for containing certain dishes that many westerners find hard to stomach, delicious as they may be. That includes sashimi (raw fish… 746 more words


Tebasaki Chicken Wings


6 chicken wings
A sprinkle of salt

1 tsp sake
1 tsp ginger root juice
2 tbsp potato starch… 427 more words

Appetisers & Salads

Japonais by Morimoto

Last week Ian and I decided to have a date night. Sure, we go out to dinner with each other very often, but we haven’t had a really nice date night since Valentine’s Day! 529 more words


Sushi Shikon, Hong Kong

Sushi Shikon is a crazy sushiya. They fly everything from Japan, including the cooking water. Not only that, they fly their fish directly from Japan twice a day. 103 more words

Michelin Restaurants

Food Trip: Furano Sushi

Almost every time we visit Vivo City on a weekend, we are greeted by a huge crowd — so eating is more often times impossible. Aside from Pepper Lunch, we’ve tried… 77 more words


Kake Udon Recipe

In Japan the cooler weather calls for deep bowls of hot, steaming noodles. Following is a very simple recipe for a standard “Kake Udon” ie Udon noodles with basic broth (Kakejiru). 426 more words