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2018 Tatebayashi Daruma Festival

こんばんは! Just a small post today – January and February are always slow months for me. My favourite hobby is knitting or writing while nestled warm and cozy underneath our kotatsu (heated table), so I don’t actually get out to do much until the spring weather hits! 471 more words


唐花雙鳥長斑錦・karahana so’ucho’u cho’uhan kin


This shifuku  is made of a fabric with a design called “karahana so’ucho’u cho’uhan kin.”  “Karahana” (唐花) is kunyomi (Japanese words represented by Chinese characters but retaining Japanese reading)* whereas “ 68 more words


Cooking Rice in a Pot

I cook rice and brown rice in a pot.

Cooking rice in a pot is very easy.

This time, I cook brown rice.

I wash two cups of brown rice and add 120% of rice of water. 146 more words


Japanese Streets: Same from afar, far from the same.

I just got back from the nearby ‘sento’ (a place where you pay money to share a hot bath with random old Japanese men, except much better than that sounds). 379 more words

Life In Japan

Japanese food is life, Japanese food is love.

I had heard and read many stories about the Japanese cuisine before I came to Japan. If someone I knew had visited Japan and when I asked them about the food, their eyes go wide open and the smile is from ear to ear. 1,503 more words


茶杓の扱い・Handling Chashaku


茶杓を茶碗にのせるとき、[中略] 必ず手を拭いてから茶杓を取り、茶杓の櫂先に汚れがないかよく見て(汚れがあれば帛紗で拭き取って)から置くように注意しましょう。使う前の茶杓を拭いて、帛紗が汚れているようでは面白くありません。


When handling chashaku, it is important that you always wipe your hands with a towel and handle it with dry hands. 

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Snow Day

みなさん、こんにちは!タイラーです。| Hello, everyone! I’m Tyler.

This weekend has been snow-filled and ice-covered where I’m from. I was allowed to leave work early Friday, though the snow hadn’t started yet by that point. 71 more words

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