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Time Spiral Review

Of all the things I rave about, Japanese musician GACKT is likely the most prominent. Naturally, I try my best to follow up on what he’s up to besides releasing music. 383 more words


Watching the Death Note TV drama? Then death god Ryuk just might be watching you

The brand-new Death Note TV drama just made its debut, and it left us feeling a little lukewarm, what with its rushed pacing and less-than-compelling changes from the manga and anime source material. 356 more words


Series Wrap-Up: Yokoso Wagaya E and the Ambiguous Ending

As I continue to wrap up the spring dramas, the latest one to get finished off was one of my favorites of the year. While… 426 more words


Weddings Everywhere! 2015 Spring Japanese Drama Wrap-Up

Hello all. I’ve been a way a while as I wanted to watch the rest of these dramas to their conclusion before posting up on here. 614 more words


Mischievous Kiss. (1)

I’ll start off with the basics of this drama first, starting with its plot.

Kotoko Aihara (Honoka Miki) isn’t very intelligent, and lacks ability in school. 515 more words

Kokoro ga Pokitto Ne - Episode 3 Review

Well, that was certainly unexpected. This episode introduces a plot twist that you’re either going to go along with or is going to make you stop watching. 172 more words


Kokoro Ga Pokitto Ne - Episode 2 Review

Okay, yea I’m hooked on this drama. The opening scene for this second episode spans nearly ten minutes long and feels like you’re watching a play. 248 more words