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Today me and Alex went to the vape shop to get some E liquid and the guy that works there asked how our weekend was. I responded with “wait, what day is it?”  I didn’t notice the weekend even happened. 94 more words

New "Love Dance" takes Japan by storm, thanks to a Japanese drama and a handsome J-Pop star

Even gold-medal winning figure skater Yuzuru Hanyu has been caught on film performing the infectious dance moves. 560 more words


Unexpected Faces Of Death In Japanese Films

What if Death was not a Bogeyman?

What if Death was a cute little girl?

A down on his luck Samurai, one day, drunkenly invokes the gods. 189 more words

A Girl & Three Sweethearts Review (Episode 3)

Here is the review of “A girl and three sweethearts” episode 3. I will be highlighting the main scenes.

So till now we can see that Kanata is slowly warming up to Misaki as a friend but just doesn’t like to accept the feeling that he is falling in love with her.The third episode begins with a school friend of Chiaki explaining about the three brothers to an unknown girl. 455 more words


Common Words and Phrases in Japanese Dramas, Movies, and Anime Part 2

Let’s continue the words that accompany the doki doki of our kokoro every time we binge on our favorite Japanese flix and dramas. Again, I apologize for any mistake in the original language, romanization, and English equivalent. 373 more words

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Common Words and Phrases Heard in Japanese Dramas, Movies, and Anime Part 1

Every time I watch anything from a non-English speaking foreign country, I always try to listen to the conversation while reading the subtitle. It’s always interesting to learn a new language and this is why SUBTITLES ARE IMPORTANT and also why I PREFER SUBTITLES OVER DUBS. 327 more words

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Good Morning Call

Japanese dramas were my life when I was in middle school. I lived and breathed those dramas and later on I was swept into the world of Korean and Taiwanese dramas as well. 516 more words

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