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Dubai Japanese massage provides top quality satisfaction:

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In the history of massage, the acupuncture was considered the most effective. It was something which served up loads of health benefits and adds to that complete mental satisfaction. 516 more words

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The benefits which the Japanese massaging agencies in Dubai provide to their clients’

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The city of Dubai apart from being rich in culture and sceneries is also known for its massaging centers. On such genre are the Dubai Japan massage parlors! 486 more words

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Karada Japanese Body Therapy

If you are suffering from spine or back pain problems, I’m sure you’d appreciate having a stop at Karada Japanese Body Therapy. 203 more words

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Tambo Massage Workshops

Tambo Massage workshops

The Tambo (stick) is a unique training and fighting method that is Okinawan in origin and was used throughout feudal Japan. Depending on the martial arts school it may differ in size and thickness. 177 more words


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Weekends are best spent rewarding yourself after five days of mind-numbing work. So you have decided to try out the spa that everybody seems to be talking about these days, huh? 446 more words

Nikki Babie


My おばあちゃん has a 指圧 (Shiatsu) massage every fortnight in the comfort of her own home. Shiatsu, according to good ol’ Wiki, means “finger pressure” and is supposed to be a type of medicine. 293 more words


Relaxing Massage Music

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Massages are a wonderful way to escape life’s daily stresses. You’ll feel energized and ready to face the day after a relaxing massage. 516 more words

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