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Machina of the Planet Tree -Planet Ruler- Review

Machina of the Planet Tree -Planet Ruler- is an RPG Maker game created by doujin circle Denneko Yugi. Currently it is sold for 12.99 USD via… 695 more words


Launch of Renowned Mobile RPG DRAGON QUEST MONSTERS SUPER LIGHT in Southeast Asia

Free-to-play mobile RPG DRAGON QUEST MONSTERS SUPER LIGHT ‘s official launch was recently announced by Garena, Southeast Asia’s largest consumer Internet platform company. Following the partnership between Square Enix Co. 611 more words


AX 2015 VN & RPG Announcements Roundup

JAST USA announced at Anime Expo that they will be releasing a yuri game FLOWERS from Innocent Grey (Kara no Shoujo), and an interactive photography game… 488 more words

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Omega Quintet Review

Welcome back to Neko’s Shiritori PS4 game reviews! We’ve contacted Idea Factory International as we were very interested in Omega Quintet, which is Compile Heart’s first PS4 game release. 940 more words

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Soul of the JRPG

Recently I have been trying to contemplate why I was never into western RPGs compared to the Japanese iterations. The answer does not solely rely on the fact that Japanese RPGs, for the most part, are really linear. 536 more words

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Suikoden Day 2014!

To all the Genso Suikoden fans out there, this year’s Suikoden Day 2014 will coincide with the release date of Suikoden 4, 19 August 2014! 88 more words


What I Really Appreciate 4: Dragon Quest I and the Journey Back Home

In my previous entry, I talked about how Bravely Default allows players to set their encounter rate.

But on the other side of the coin, I really appreciate the stress that comes from the first Dragon Quest’s journey back home. 678 more words