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Soleil (also known as Crusaders of Centy)
Sega Genesis
Developed by Nextech
Released in 1994

Let me just state here that I am a huge Zelda-fan and I enjoy most of the games in this series, with my favorites being A Link to the Past and A Link Between Worlds. 1,491 more words


Child of Light

Child of Light
Playstation 3, 4, and Vita, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PC, Wii U
Developed by Ubisoft
Released in 2014

After the enjoyable time I had with the main Rayman-titles, I wanted to have an excuse to talk about two other games. 1,654 more words


The Witch and the Hundred Knight

The Witch and the Hundred Knight
Playstation 3
The reviewer bought this game himself.

I did not finish this game. For reasons that will become obvious as you progress through this review I could not bear to carry on playing this game, so if you feel a reviewer’s word is only worth hearing if he or she has completed the product, then consider this my disclosure. 1,543 more words


Thoughts on Soma Bringer (DS)

 Note There is a english FAN translation somewhere on the interweb. Not going to help you there.

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Blurb: In a world where the a magical energy source known as Soma drives the technology and daily lives of all its inhabitants, there lies a huge continent named Barnea. 206 more words