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Notes From Underground: Hell Has Frozen Over. Greenspan and Harris Agree

Over the last 30 years I have not had much regard for Alan Greenspan. He has been wrong on many of the issues on which he has opined, not least his speech on home bias and his pleadings for U.S. 789 more words


Gold as a safe haven

The performance of gold can be volatile but at times it acts as a safe haven when geo-political tensions are high and confidence in fiat currencies is low. 154 more words

US Dollar Index

Notes From Underground: A Tale of Three Central Banks

The BOJ released its policy statement on Tuesday and it was as expected. The central bank sustained its yield curve control (YCC) policy as the… 1,359 more words


USD vs Japanese Yen coming close to resolution (?)

10/22/2017 – we discussed the ‘RSI SHIFT’ below.  taking note of it again …have been on the sidelines w/ regards to the USD vs YEN as I’m waiting for resolution of the downtrend line shown … 298 more words

Japan – Politics, Central Banking and the Nikkei 225

Macro Letter – No 84 – 29-09-2017

Japan – Politics, Central Banking and the Nikkei 225

  • PM Abe called a snap general election for October, amid rising geopolitical tensions…
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Notes From Underground: Arthur's Song, Lost Between the Moon and New York City

A long-time reader of Notes From Underground posted a comment to a previous post promoting long GOLD/short YEN. When I asked him about this trade he noted the onset of currency wars. 921 more words


Notes From Underground: The BOJ and the ECB Provide the Recipe For ... ?????

Before I preview the BOJ and ECB I want to expound on the piece that I mentioned in the previous post written by Bloomberg reporter Alexandra Harris, who cites the thoughts of JPMorgan strategists Alex Roever and Kim Harano. 900 more words