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Market News Briefing – Sept. 28th 2016 08:30 (GMT+1)

There is a negative trend this morning (Wednesday) in the Asian stock markets.
The Japanese yen strengthened against the US dollar, and sends the shares of the country’s largest export to declines

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Market News Briefing – Sept. 27th 2016 09:00 (GMT+1)

There is a mixed trend in Asian stock markets.
The yen strengthened and hampering the Tokyo.

Today the Japanese yen strengthened against the US dollar after the Bank of Japan said at a conference that the bank is ready to use all tools at its disposal to cause inflation to rise towards the target of 2%, including a further reduction of short-term interest rates to negative.

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Bank of Japan tries new monetary policy after previous measures fail to rebound economy

The Bank of Japan announced it was treading into a completely new form of monetary policy Wednesday, in what was a tacit admission that radical efforts such as hundreds of billions in bond buying and negative interest rates were not enough to save the Japanese economy from stagnation. 616 more words


Bank of Japan modifies its stimulus programme

The Bank of Japan’s aim is to push inflation above its 2% target rate. This rate was set more than 3 years ago and a conscious effort to meet the target is being made. 289 more words

Market News Briefing – Sept. 6th 2016 08:00 (GMT+1)

There is a sharp increase in crude oil prices and at the same time emerging market currencies are getting stronger against the US dollar.
The Aussie added 0.8% against the dollars, the yen weakened slightly to 103.5700 yen to the dollar.

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Truncation ... low in USD vs JPY in place?

the more I look at:

  • USD Index “low” in place and advancing …
  • thrust/momentum from the lows in the USD vs JPY …

the more a case can be made for truncation as shown below … so, here’s the other side of the coin.   25 more words