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Eyewear Designed for SmartPhone and Computer Users - Japan Shopping

Retail Price  : 4212 yen

Colours : As per above, Brown, black , Violet and  Liquid Brown

Size : 54□16-144○27.5

Retail Price : 6,372 yen… 464 more words


The Yen Carry Trade

A carry trade is a strategy in which an investor sells a certain currency with a relatively low interest rate and uses the funds to purchase a different currency yielding a higher interest rate. 269 more words


Bank of Japan goes NIRP.

The Bank of Japan unleashed a shock negative interest rate announcement upon unsuspecting markets in the Asian session- Kuroda, having done a full 180 degree turn in less than a week buoyed stock markets and sent the Japanese Yen (JPY) plunging against the US Dollar. 317 more words

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Trades for January 25, 2016

Started the day short on the stock indices and covered late morning, went long and overstayed the ride, closing out longs after lunch, still positive for the day.  170 more words

Russell 2000

Trades for January 22, 2016

As previously stated, the big trend for the year, the easy money maker, is that U.S. stock markets are going down.  The rallies are hard to stomach, but only if over leveraged.  274 more words

Trades for January 6, 2016

The stock market is the question of the day.  Stopped out 1 mini-Dow, but the market looks like it is in a great position for a big bounce.  221 more words

Trades for January 4, 2016

Adding additional short positions in the belief the USD is going to get even stronger:

Short 2 Japanese Yen, March (mini – J7) at market price of 0.8316, stop placed at 0.8493… 51 more words