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Endless Journal Topic Ideas for Language Learners

Can’t find any journal topics? How about referring to your phone’s (or computer’s) search history?

(Nothing says “study” like coffee and a doughnut!) 323 more words

Japanese Study


1725 Alameda St. 
San Francisco, CA 94103

The theme of the meal was confusion.  At first, I thought Triple F recommended Skool.  Then I thought about it more and maybe I got the place confused with Aina.   442 more words


How anime saved my life as an INFJ

INFJ is my personality type – to keep it short, I am a Highly Sensitive Introvert. I discovered my personality type about 6 months ago, at age 23. 532 more words

Day-off in Japan

My job is shift time job. So my off is different from others.

I have to work weekends as well.

It’s ok about that, if I can get off other days. 151 more words


High high fever

I got cold but more than 38~39 degrees? temperature for few days.TT

It was really bad and painful even still painful of my throat.

I can not eat food even I’m hungry… 111 more words


Japan Hour, eat your heart out

(Source: www.businesstimes.com.sg)

While conservative, the show’s participants were surprisingly direct and open with their thoughts and feelings.

IF you haven’t already got Netflix, Terrace House is the reason you should. 808 more words

Money Matters

The Assignation (密会, Ko Nakahira, 1959)

Aside from the genre defining Crazed Fruit which kick-started the era of the “seishun eiga” and, in its own way, the Japanese New Wave, Ko Nakahira has remained under seen and under appreciated outside of Japan. 881 more words