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Naka - Middle

Middle, center, neutral-they all mean the same thing to me: moderates.

There’s nothing I despise more in politics than moderates. This might be fallacious, but I believe that you either fight for change or against it. 373 more words


Kyogen - Alternative Facts

Frankly, I don’t know what the Japanese equivalent for “alternative facts” is, so I just used one of the many Japanese words for “falsehood” instead. After all, … 230 more words


Sushi Koshu

I was talking to a friend recently about all the changes in the world and how we experience a fear in what we eat due to what’s in our water, air and our soil. 356 more words



📍 7010 Warden Ave || http://www.ajisen.ca/

I haven’t been to Ajisen in a while, and since Mimi really likes and suggested it, I took her there with her mom 😊 . 129 more words


B-Day Dinner #3.1

This time it’s official. Last week it was noodles on the day (for long life). Last night, was The Mouse’s choice. Originally we were planning on izakaya but couldn’t decide which one. 175 more words


The Russian Predicament 2016-06-19 | Long Songs & Biebz

Listen here!

Amish sits in and plays some stuff he thinks is brand new to the States! Superjuice plays some long songs and a horrible Justin Bieber remix. 109 more words