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大学というもの | The University

By Chan Li Ting, Cendana ’17

I originally conceived of the piece as a reflection on the tensions between the maintenance of one’s individuality and of the overwhelming pressure to conform to societal expectations during the job hunt, within a Japanese young adult who is about to enter the workforce. 475 more words

Good Morning

I post so much food photos…


Trouble and Strife (Ex)

According to Wikipedia, Tanka (短歌, “short poem”) is a genre of classical Japanese poetry and one of the major genres of Japanese literature.

A Tanka consists of 5 lines and 31 syllables. 134 more words

The Standing Sushi Bar

Been craving for all things salmon lately.😊


Vegetables & Miso Soup / Sopa de Legumes & Miso

Por norma não faço muitos posts de receitas de sopas porque acho que para fazer uma sopa basta juntar alguns legumes, água, sal e azeite, deixar cozer e já está! 1,008 more words


Move over Unicorn Frappuccino! 

So while Starbucks in America has the Unicorn Frappe that is causing a huge social media stir Japan has a new frappe too!!

I bring to you the American Cherry Pie Frappe!! 71 more words