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Let’s make a call!

  • もしもし


  • だれをお探(さが)しですか。

Who are you trying to reach?

  • 中村(なかむら)ユリさん、いますか。

Is Nakamura Yuri (sang) there?

  • 少々(しょうしょうお)待(ま)ちください。

Wait a minute, please.



1to1 – 1toMany – Diner – Japanese – Love at first sight – (Little) Terrasse – $$$

What a surprise to discover such an excellent and traditional Japanese venue right at the corner of the… 120 more words


Japanese Mega Bank Interest Rates

For a long time already, Japanese Mega Banks Interest Rates are average 0.02% only.
Not 2%, not 0.2%, truly 0.02%.

If you doubt it, please check English websites of Japanese Mega Banks.
This is true data.

Real Japanese Stories

Bleeding Heart

Growing up as a child, I would rush home from school to watch Sailor Moon on Cartoon Network.  It was one of my all time favorite shows, before I even knew what anime was.   287 more words