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Lee McCoy wins Web.com Tour Q-School final stage, other notables also earn cards

Lee McCoy had three round of 65 or better in the final stage of Web.com Tour Q-School, and that was just enough to earn him a win. 666 more words


My mundane breakfast today

Good Morning! This is my breakfast today. I have breakfast every morning. Mom or dad cook for me. Today’s breakfast is….

・Green tea

・Simmered Komatsuna (小松菜; a leafy green vegetable resembling spinach, this is my favorite♡) with Abura-age (油揚げ; deep-fried bean curd) 29 more words

Playing Dod - The Detail of Dominions

Dominions is extraordinary in scope. It’s a fantasy game series by Illwinter Games, now in its fifth iteration, that eschews Tolkienesque high fantasy for something steeped in real-world traditions of folklore and myth. 2,120 more words


Seaweed Salad and Octopus; Salmon Stew; Dashi; Oxtail Inari with Pickled Lotus Root (December 10, 2017)

The weather is getting colder and I’m settling into the new job.  Having had a wonderful dinner at Bone Kettle with a well braised oxtail and deep broth, I thought to incorporate both oxtail and warming broths into my lunches this week.  401 more words


A First Review on My Japanese Vintage Obi Product

What I learned with my previous online business was that selling products through the Internet was not easy. Sometimes, what to do with the products that I could not sell still gives me a headache because they have filled up my storage. 323 more words



Publisher: Shangri-La

Date Played: I don’t remember.

Region: Japan

Time Played: About a half hour

What’d You Think?: The title of this game roughly translates to “Pig game? 66 more words


'98 Koushien

Publisher: Magical Company

Developer: Probably also Magical Company

Date Played: I don’t remember

Region:  Japan

Time played: I lasted just one actual game, but there was a fair degree of team customization and practice drills before getting to play it. 126 more words