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Daily Update: Over 20 New Switch Games Announced

Today’s Daily Update sees over 20 new Switch games announced including Azur Lane: Crosswave, KonoSuba, Mon Amour, and a new release date for the Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles remaster. 750 more words


Tamago-EN | Review

This egg-themed restaurant from Singapore opened its first branch in Nov 2019, and has now expanded to YOHO mall and North Point as well. The restaurant uses eggs from Okinawa, Japan (沖縄), which are known for their lusciously golden yolk. 369 more words


KonoSuba is Coming to Switch

Entergram have announced the dungeon RPG Kono Subarashii SekaI ni Shukufuku wo!~Kibou no Meikyuu to Tsudoishi Boukenshatachi~Plus will be coming to Switch and PS4 with new elements added to the game which previously released on PS4 and Vita. 19 more words


Costco is beginning to take control of my life

Since I shopped at Costco for the first time, I’ve been still in shock at their low prices and thinking about it all the time. I had decided to move out this apartment after getting some signs for that and had narrowed down the possible areas. 109 more words


Azur Lane: Crosswave Coming to Switch

Compile Heart have announced that the 3D action shooter Azur Lane: Crosswave is coming to Nintendo Switch on September 17 priced at ¥8,580 for physical or ¥7,700 for digital. 94 more words


Onion Games Announce Mon Amour

Onion Games (Dandy Dungeon, moon, BLACK BIRD) have announced the insta-death kissing action game Mon Amour for Nintendo Switch with release date to be determined. 58 more words