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The Yakitori Story: Food Stories with Danny Victory

With spray painted signage across it’s corrugated iron walls, tropical leaf plants lining the doorway, and house beats pumping out, you can’t help but be drawn towards the newly opened Japanese street food restaurant Shori at Spark York. 737 more words


Splatoon 2 Update Announced

Nintendo will be updating Splatoon 2 to Version 4.9.1 at 10:00 JST on 18 July (18:00 PT on 17 July) which updates the data for the Final Fest this weekend (it will not be possible to play without updating) and fixes a bug.

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Japanese Word of the Day: 税金


Kanji: 税金
Hiragana: ぜいきん
Roman letters: ZEIKIN

English Meaning

Tax, duty

Kanji Used

  • 税 (tax, duty)
  • 金 (gold, money)

Example Sentences

  • この美術館は、多くの税金を使って建てられました。 / This museum was built with a large amount of tax money.
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Severed Coming to Japan

Flyhigh Works are localising the action adventure game Severed on the Japanese Nintendo Switch eShop next week (25 July) priced at ¥1,500 with preloads live in a few hours time. 18 more words


Space-Time Detective Genshi-Kun/Flint the Time Detective Episode 3 Sub/Dub Comparison

Time Monster/Shifter of the Week: Eldora – A monster who can turn anything into gold. It has a secondary ability to blind its enemies with a brilliant light. 2,552 more words


Pawarumi Coming to Japan

Shinyuden have announced they will be publishing Manufacture 43’s shoot ’em up Pawarumi on the Japanese Nintendo Switch eShop on 22 August priced at ¥1,750. 52 more words


Link’s Awakening Artbook Set Box Art

Box art for The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening Artbook Set which releases in Japan on 20 September and includes a physical copy of link’s Awakening and an artbook. 14 more words