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the GazettE / 舐 ~zetsu~

舐 (zetsu/lick) / Artist: the GazettE / Album: 舐 ~zetsu~ also on the compilation album 大日本異端芸者的脳味噌逆回転絶叫音源集 (Dainihon Itangeishateki Noumiso Gyaku Kaiten Zekkyou Ongenshuu) (2006) / Release: 2004 608 more words


Episode 24 - House (1977)

“You’re sniffing them wrong!”

This week, Thomas and Amber are joined by their friend Jose as then venture into the an off the rails horror movie. 33 more words


the GazettE / SxDxR

Artist: the GazettE / Album: DISORDER / Release: 2004 420 more words


GACKT / Last Song

Artist: GACKT / Album: Crescent; also on the single ‘Last Song’ / Release: 2003 504 more words


Chapter 929: Ijichi and Yoshii Talk about Political Change (伊地知、吉井、政変について語る碑)

After dropping off my luggage at the hotel. I began my journey! I had a few places in mind, one being the Shiroyama Park Observation Deck to get a beautiful view of Sakurajima. 94 more words


When Awwww becomes Eugggh

(Kawaisa amatte nikusa hyakubai; “Excessive fondness, hundredfold hatred”)


If you had an overabundance of positive feelings toward someone and then something happens that arouses negative feelings, then the resulting hatred is proportionally overwhelming. 429 more words


Kimono Bolo Ties are here!!

Tokita Kobo released new items: Kimono Bolo Ties.

We respectfully got inspired by the Native American Culture. And we blended Japanese Kimono culture and Native American culture. 107 more words

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