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Changing skies

Clouds/Les nuages.

From light cotton puffs suspended in a sea of clear blue this morning, to a blanket of thick grey rolling in over the stately… 21 more words


A morning of roses


Earlier in the week I discovered this bed of roses in the Jardin des Plantes, bushes bursting with blooms amongst tangles of thorns. 12 more words


Photo Journey: Paris' Jardin des Plantes (Garden of Plants)

In a land far, far* away, there’s a place full of flowers, exotic plants, some red pandas, and more. A place where both young and old can explore the museum’s various exhibits, and a place where wanderers can do exactly what they do best. 192 more words


Paris grand prix

Hello world! We’re just back from the Paris 2015 mtg grand prix. What a hot and heavenly weekend, involving, for me, a lot of walking around cultural sites while the boyfriend battled it out in the sweaty and stressful battlefields that make up an mtg grand prix. 1,019 more words

Grand Trianon

Mystères des minéraux

“Il faudrait songer aux pierres comme on songe à d’autres pays.”
Roger Caillois

Quelques images de la galerie de minéralogie au Jardin des plantes…Météorites, cristaux géants, pyrites………….. 8 more words


Le Jardin du Roi

Here’s another picture from last week’s visit to the Jardin des Plantes.  The spring bedding was colourful in the wet but the poppies were struggling to hold their heads up under the weight of water.   196 more words

Parks And Gardens

Training Trees

Trees planted in formal allées, and pruned to maintain a regular form, have been a key feature of formal French gardens since the 16th century.    Some species of trees, such as lime and hornbeam, respond to pruning by sending out a thicket of straight new shoots from the cut branch, allowing a form similar to a clipped hedge on legs to be established.   133 more words

Parks And Gardens