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Bear cub stealer sculpture

Located within the Jardin des Plantes is this sculpture by Emmanuel Fremiet, depicting a bear cub stealer.

More of the gardens; www.eutouring.com/images_jardin_des_plantes.html


Tall Poppy

It isn’t always a bad thing to be a tall poppy, especially when you are festooned in red-pink petals and surrounded by a population of green shrubs.  93 more words


Jean Baptiste Lamarck sculpture

Located within Jardin des Plantes is a sculpture of Jean Baptiste Lamarck, known for making his impact on the gardens and zoology.

Want to learn more? 10 more words


Vicarious Visit: October in Paris

WHAT’S THE NEXT BEST THING to a trip to Paris? A friend’s trip to Paris, when you get to see pictures and hear about meals and fortuitous conversations and the discovery of unusual shops and forgotten streets. 441 more words


Black quartz crystals from Brazil now in Paris

A group of black quartz crystals which originated from Brazil are now on display in Paris next to the Mineral and Geology Museum in Paris. 10 more words


Shades of Blue

The plumbago flowers seem to have been washed with a tint so pale that it only shows blue where it collects in the midribs of the petals.   154 more words

Plant Portraits

Morning Glory

There’s something about the shading of colour which makes it seem as if the morning glory flowers are radiating light rather than just reflecting it. 86 more words

Plant Portraits