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Jardin des Plantes

Hi Loves,

My Parents were in Paris last week, so we have been to the Jardin des Plantes which is in the 5th arrondissement of the city of love 💜💕✨ This outfit is composed of a Zara white blouse, a Mango black skirt with opaque black tights, a pair of H&M black ballerina and a Rebecca Minkoff black crossbody bag with a lot of zip 😆 On my lip I was wearing the Lime Crime Velvetines in the shade Cashmere, a grey-brown / greige kind of color 💋✨ The Lime Crime are one of my favorites liquid lipstick because they don’t dry to fast during the application and they are long lasting. You should try them 😉


Where in the world do you write?

“Ach, Tchekov! Why are you dead? Why can’t I talk to you in a big darkish room at late evening—where the light is green from the waving trees outside? 605 more words


Not a Bee

This strange insect feeding on pollen is a beetle disguised as a bee.

To a curious human observer the legs are a giveaway.  A bee’s flexible legs are tucked away beneath it as it feeds; these long, stiff legs with bristly joints spell beetle. 100 more words

Green Places

Floating Ferns

A honey bee drinks from a drop of water trapped in the bristly leaf of a floating fern.

This South American native doesn’t look like a typical fern and doesn’t behave like one either.   379 more words

Plant Portraits


The insects in the Jardin des Plantes are spoilt for choice.  Flowers in all shapes and sizes have nectar on offer but there’s no doubting the bumblebees’ current favourites: bright yellow flowers in the daisy family. 117 more words

Parks & Gardens

Looking to the Evolution museum

Sadly no guesses at the Sunday Teaser this week, but here’s the full image that looks down Jardin des Plantes towards the Grande Galerie de l’Evolution at the other end. 11 more words


Grande Galerie de l'Evolution

A look of the front facade of Grande Galerie de l’Evolution with its unique architecture.

Want to learn more? Go to  www.eutouring.com/images_jardin_des_plantes.html