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Shades of Blue

The plumbago flowers seem to have been washed with a tint so pale that it only shows blue where it collects in the midribs of the petals.   154 more words

Plant Portraits

Morning Glory

There’s something about the shading of colour which makes it seem as if the morning glory flowers are radiating light rather than just reflecting it. 86 more words

Plant Portraits

Plants and informational boards

One of many informational boards located in Jardin des Plantes, this one teaching about plants with essential oils which have been used over many centuries. 14 more words


Stroke Dreams

Been away awhile. In May 2017, while walking in Jardin des Plantes in Paris, I had a stroke and have been recovering since. Lots of things have happened. 6 more words


Bees and Zinnias

In the Jardin des Plantes this season four long borders are given over to a display of different zinnia varieties.  The flowers range from delicate small blooms in dusky red and pastel shades to brilliantly bicoloured pinks and oranges.   45 more words

Plant Portraits

Sparrows and Sunflowers

A party of sparrows feasting on sunflower seeds in the Jardin des Plantes.

The young birds were hopping comfortably from one flat seed head to another, paying little attention to people passing on the footpath alongside. 81 more words

Parks & Gardens

Part of Grandes Serres of Jardin des Plantes

Part of the Grandes Serres – greenhouses within Jardin des Plantes which are historical monuments which were the largest of their kind in the 1830’s. 13 more words