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Paris & All the Light We Cannot See

Have you ever finished a book and felt yourself wanting more? I feel this quite often, but with this book, I felt something different. Winner of the Pulitzer Prize in 2015, All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doeer is a book that explores human nature and how war can effect us. 624 more words

Translating Hugo: Le Poeme du Jardin Des Plantes VIIIa

This is the eighth poem in Victor Hugo’s Le Poème du Jardin Des Plantes and the longest. Therefore, I will present the translation of this poem in two sections.  716 more words


an empty tin shelf in the Jardin des Plantes

We walk to the end of a row, where under a window at about eye level sits a yellow tin shelf. Empty. It once held most of the 105 specimens gathered at such terrible human cost in the early days of the penal colony, then burned somewhere in Brisbane about this time last year.

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The Present

1001 Orchids

Stepping from the cold February day into a tropical greenhouse is a treat for all the senses. The air is moist and warm, the weak winter sun filtered through fresh green leaves seems brighter. 124 more words

Parks & Gardens

Path through Jardin des Plantes

One of multiple paths that lead down Jardin des Plantes, showcasing a variety of plants and flowers on either side of you.

Take the walk for yourself; … 9 more words


Emmanuel Fremiet monument

A monument within Jardin des Plantes with some inception, depicting Emmanuel Fremiet, a French sculptor, working on a sculpture, in this sculpture!

Find even more within the gardens… 8 more words


Bear cub stealer sculpture

Located within the Jardin des Plantes is this sculpture by Emmanuel Fremiet, depicting a bear cub stealer.

More of the gardens; www.eutouring.com/images_jardin_des_plantes.html