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France RoadTrip #Part 1 Nantes

I have been so excited for our little road trip holiday. Yes I know, it’s only eleven weeks since returning from our long backpacking thirteen week break! 789 more words


Treasures of the Earth

With this heat (39°C expected tomorrow… argh…), I thought I would share, this week, two places where you can keep cool. Today, it will be the Galerie de minéralogie of the MNHN. 328 more words

Exhibition / Museum

Nap time at the Ménagerie du Jardin des Plantes

Red panda

Red panda

Red panda

Baby L’Hoest’s monkey

Spot-bellied eagle-owl

Yellow-throated marten



Common moorhen


FYI: I didn’t see any English translation. There might be an English version of the map, but I forgot to ask.


Paris | Galeries d’Anatomie comparée et de Paléontologie


If the greenhouses at the Jardin des Plantes is like a trip to a different place, then the Galeries d’Anatomie comparée et de Paléontologie… 56 more words


Paris | Grandes Serres du Jardin des Plantes

Greenhouse/La serre.

I have long admired the art deco geometry of the primary greenhouse of the Jardin des Plantes, the serre des forêts tropicales humides.  31 more words


Cerisier du Japon

I have always liked the flowering trees, mostly those with pink flowers. In Venezuela there is a very beautiful called Apamate, and I remember when I was  a child, I wanted my entire neighborhood surrounded by that tree.   204 more words


June 10, 1793: At the Zoo

Originally created as a royal herb garden in the 1600s, the Jardin des Plantes opened in 1793. During the following year a ménagerie was added, the world’s first and, still in existence, today the world’s oldest.  165 more words

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