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Every Christian Must Be a Theologian

Jared Wilson:

Every Christian must be a theologian. In a variety of ways, I used to tell this to my church often. And the looks I got from some surprised souls are the evidence that I had not yet adequately communicated that the purposeful theological study of God by laypeople is important. 924 more words


VA - The Third Annual War Child Fundraiser Part 2 [CKNOW3PT2]

Mark du Mosch, Credit 00, William The Squid, Jared Wilson and Eluize join on Pt. 2 of this year’s War Child Fundraiser from Craigie Knowes. Acid, House, Disco-vibes and dreamy Electro sounds across this awesome 5 track EP – the second installment of the two-part series.



Great (Unmet) Expectations: How to Fight Fair in Marriage

Arguments happen even among the most loving and closest of couples.  Often those arguments will have two causes: 1. unmet expectations, or 2. unrepented pride.  Today, let’s talk about unmet expectations.  748 more words

The One Place On Earth No One Should Be Surprised To Find Sinners (via Jared Wilson)

Jared Wilson writes against the niceties that compel Christians (who should no better) to maintain appearances of being okay.
If there’s one place on earth everyone should feel free not to be okay, it’s the church: 146 more words


Worship As An Encouragement To Others (via Jared Wilson)

Gathering together with other Christians in worship is an act of encouragement to them.
And that’s before you even do anything else.
From Jared Wilson… 206 more words


The Counter-Cultural Activity Of Going To Church (via Jared Wilson)

Gathering week by week is a work of service to your fellow worshippers and work of witness to those who do not believe.

From Jared Wilson… 201 more words