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Hey Everyone,
I promised to get back to the kingdom and report on my progress with the MOFILM/Walmart video assignment. And here I am. Yesterday ( 1,733 more words

MOFILM bankrolls a VCK contest submission.

Hear ye, hear ye!!! The VCK (aka Jared Cicon Films), applied to MOFILM for a production grant to help offset production costs for a video to be submitted to one of their contests, and the award was granted! 1,193 more words

Let's help Kickstart Joel Berry

Hey Peeps, on the VCK I occasionally showcase fellow peers creative accomplishments. I do it in part, to help further careers that are largely authentic independent and entrepreneurial efforts, similar to most of us in the freelance videography community. 709 more words

Doritos Finalists Selection: Debunking the Conspiracy theorists

Every year, a large amount of disgruntled creatives and/or their friends, girlfriends, associated talent, mothers, hairdressers, bloggers, give their two cents on just how badly Doritos ran the newest edition of the CTSB contest. 990 more words

SuperBowl or Bust (Doritos Finalists Announced)

Well, there you have it. The horses are out of the barn and galloping their way to Doritos and Superbowl fame, or at least that’s the goal.  1,633 more words

Doritos' Fat Lady Has Sung (VCK Top Ten)

Hear ye, humble subjects of the Video Contest Kingdom,
The eleventh hour has come and gone. The finalists for the 2011-2012 CTSB have been selected. If Doritos hasn’t notified you by now, you should probably stop waiting by the phone and move on to greener fields. 1,248 more words

The King introduces: Sir Keith Hopkin...Duke of GoPro

You should probably watch this video before reading the blog post. The context will better explain the information to follow.

Every now and again a fellow creative produces something His Highness prefers to watch, even more than even his own content. 860 more words