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A Critical Case revisited

I have amended the original story slightly…hence the repost.


Doctor Tony Carter watched as the stretcher crashed through the doors to the Emergency Room. 771 more words


Got Customers or Typos?

What can you LEARN from your top competitors ?

Are you attracting buyers or visitors ?

Does your website have misspelled words and grammatical mistakes ? 92 more words

Where's the creativity in editing?

One of the coolest compliments I ever received from a coworker was about me as an editor.

In a meeting with our executive director, he described our work relationship as a symbiotic partnership where he “spewed a bunch of crap” on paper, then gave it to me to “become brilliant.” He complimented my ability to make his work tighter, stronger and clearer – not just by cleaning up the text, but by asking questions, smoothing transitions and pointing out inconsistencies without ever taking away from his meaning. 371 more words


Balancing business and personal life

Last night, I realized something: I was using a lot of jargon. That is, the problem I was describing in my last post is directly related to my using jargon in regard to beadwork which I’ve grown up with, but which is unfamiliar to most. 357 more words


Food Talk: Why Regionalism Matters

Sustainability. Resilient agriculture. Social justice. Environmentalism. Do you know what these words mean? These are some of them describe our agricultural system. 858 more words


3 Tips for Writing Jargon


Law enforcement officer? Low Earth Orbit? Logistics and Engineering Operations?

Have you ever been confused when someone drops an acronym into conversation? What about a technical term or phrase? 518 more words

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