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The Hidden Farce of Big Data

I really do enjoy writing the headers to the blog posts. Click bait, ahoy!

When screening The Human Face of Big Data, I found myself chuckling at times and being horrified at other parts of this presentation of the value of collecting massive amounts of data and how data is the end all, be all of knowledge. 864 more words


Jaron Lanier gets real about AI & Acceleration

From CS: “The whole thing eats itself.” I, totally think we need to endeavor to birth new systems, not prop up the outmoded. Life feeds on life, canibalalize the old and over time use the bones to build something that’s compatible with the proper (non self defeating or borderline psychotically irresponsible) use of our technological abilities.

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I first heard about VR in the late eighties. I seem to recall a few items popping up in the media around the same time–a profile of Jaron Lanier in… 576 more words

Problems with Digital Liberal-Humanism or Why Jaron Lanier Is Wrong

Having just finished reading Jaron Lanier’s You Are Not A Gadget, I’m left with the same questions I’ve had when finishing similar books – those slightly pop-culture ones that say “tech bad”.  908 more words


Len Manovich's 'The Language of New Media' Chapter 1, p58.

Below is an extract from Len Manovich’s ‘The Language of New Media’ Chapter 1, p58.

‘In the 1980s, VR pioneer Jaron Lanier saw VR technology as capable of completely objectifying – better yet, transparently merging with – mental processes. 241 more words

Unit 2