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Who Owns the Future?

“If technologists are creating their own ultramodern religion, and it is one in which people are told to wait politely as their very souls are made obsolete, we might expect further and worsening tensions….People must not be gradually equated with machines if we are to engineer a world that is good for people. 1,430 more words


Participation: Are You In Or Are You Out?

Conversations are moving more and more into Facebook. In order to continue to participate, I’d have to accept Facebook’s philosophy, which includes the idea that third parties would pay to be able to spy on me and my family in order to manipulate what shows up on the screen in front of us…

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show #142: the trough

fascinating convo, all over the place in a good way, with larry rosenthal and maxwell graf.

if you care about the past, present and future of vr you better listen all the way through: 179 more words


Jaron Lanier gets real about AI & Acceleration

From CS: “The whole thing eats itself.” I, totally think we need to endeavor to birth new systems, not prop up the outmoded. Life feeds on life, canibalalize the old and over time use the bones to build something that’s compatible with the proper (non self defeating or borderline psychotically irresponsible) use of our technological abilities.

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I first heard about VR in the late eighties. I seem to recall a few items popping up in the media around the same time–a profile of Jaron Lanier in… 576 more words