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"Alice Isn't Dead" Next Audio Drama Slated for TV

After the news of The Bright Sessions and Tanis being optioned for TV, Night Vale Presents’s Alice Isn’t Dead is the latest audio drama to be… 151 more words

Alice isn't Dead... for now.. *potential spoilers*

The new series of the eerie Night Vale Presents podcast Alice isn’t Dead is on it’s way. If you haven’t listened to series one yet… well do that, it’s not that long and this article is going to totally fail to do it justice, this is a brief recap and fan worship only and not a comprehensive guide. 337 more words

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Feminist Halloween 2016, Day 18: Alice Isn't Dead

Although I’ve been focusing a lot on film this Halloween season, let’s shift gears today to horror audio fiction. Alice Isn’t Dead is a serial horror/suspense podcast by Joseph Fink, co-creator of… 386 more words


Review of podcast: Alice isn't Dead

Alice isn’t Dead (AID) is an amazing podcast that was made by Joseph Fink, one of the creators of Welcome to Nightvale. We can confirm that this is now one of our favourite podcasts (including Nightvale). 472 more words

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