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Project PokPok Cookbook: Kai Kaphrai Khai Dao (Stir-Fried Chicken with Hot Basil)

So, most of the dishes in Round One of Project PokPok Cookbook are on the simpler side…including this wonderful and majorly delicious one pot meal. 844 more words

Jasmine Rice Lasagna


Smoky Jasmine rice layered with a veggie cheese filling, veggie hamburg and onion, fresh blanched broccoli buds and a smoky citrus and garlic tomato sauce! 812 more words


Miso chicken stir fry

Miso chicken stir fry of my own invention on jasmine rice and I was going to fry an egg but ended up with fried chicken, just the way I like it (stolen from someone in the house…shhh!)


Green Thai Curry Chicken with Eggplant, Red Peppers and Cauliflower

Your home will smell amazing while you are making this.

This is a recipe for Thai-style chicken that is cooked in a beautifully aromatic coconut curry, along with roasted vegetables. 339 more words

My Favorite Overnight Breakfast

I usually don’t do overnight breakfasts  –because they’re almost always oatmeal– and the promise of oatmeal doesn’t make me spring out of bed. Actually, hardly anything prompts me to spring out of bed, but I found one. 257 more words

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Skinny Dirty Rice


What to do with the water you soak your almonds in and the skins you pop from the nuts? Make this original rice, skins and dirty water recipe! 678 more words


Thai Basil Beef Salad

Branching out our taste-bud’s this week with a meal that actually just took under 20 minutes to prepare and left my family full AND healthy!  All sorts of “wins” there! 262 more words