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Making Monsters - Rattle My Bones

In which I endeavor to explain my affection for reanimated skeletons and the aesthetics of bare bone without coming off like some sort of a nascent serial killer. 1,296 more words


5 Reasons to Watch 'Jason and the Argonauts' at the Unicorn (6-12yrs)

When the #busstopkids and I were invited to review this show at the Unicorn last weekend, I had to do a some research on what happened to Jason in this particular Greek Myth, incase the kids asked me any questions! 569 more words

Family Time

Jason and the Argonauts

Review written by Flossie Waite
A Unicorn production
Reviewed at Unicorn Theatre
Performances until 21st October
For ages 6-12

In the sport of the Gods, people are just pawns; as Zeus and Hera battle it out, Jason is caught in the crossfire of their video-game competition. 422 more words

Children's Theatre

Jason and the Argonauts (1963): Ray Harryhausen Blogathon

This post is part of the Ray Harryhausen Blogathon hosted by Wolffian Classics Movie Digest

To the best of my knowledge, Jason and the Argonauts… 1,171 more words


On this day in Film History: Ray Harryhausen born

On this day in Film History, back in 1920, a man named Ray Harryhausen was born. Harryhausen became legendary for his use of stop-motion animation in such films as… 414 more words


Medea Kills her Sons

Glauce had hardly put on the garment when she felt a great pain throughout her entire body, and after a little while, afflicted with a cruel torture, she passed away. 183 more words


A Fatal Gift

After Jason and Medea were expelled from Thessaly, they came to the city of Corinth, of which city a certain Creon then possessed the kingship. Creon had one daughter, called Glauce. 160 more words