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REVIEW: A Lego Brickumentary

A Lego Brickumentary” gets part of its title by clever wordplay on the word “documentary,” appropriating about half of the letters it contains.  Fittingly, that roughly approximates the amount of content in the film that resembles non-fiction cinema. 220 more words

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Joel Edgerton, Jason Bateman Celebrate STX Entertainment's First Premiere of 'The Gift'

Studio newcomer STX Entertainment premiered its first feature film, Joel Edgerton’s directorial debut “The Gift,” at L.A. Live on Thursday. In the film, which was also penned by the Aussie actor, an old grudge compels a high school loner to seek vengeance on a former classmate. 522 more words


Jason Bateman & Nicole Richie Play "Name That Thing" On Jimmy Kimmel Live!

On last night’s episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Nicole Richie and Jason Bateman played a hilarious game of “Name That Thing.” The game is simple, Jimmy Kimmel reveals obscure objects that are placed on a revolving podium and the two celebrities have to guess what the object it is by writing it on a whiteboard. 29 more words


A LEGO Brickumentary Builds On Creativity

It’s been a staple in the lives of children all over the world. The only limit to what you can build is your imagination. A LEGO Brickumentary… 470 more words


Movie Review: "A LEGO Brickumentary" the Shilling is Not Worth the Kitsch

Slick production, big name cameos, bright colors and fun music aren’t enough to make this film worth your time UNLESS you are a brick enthusiast. For the rare documentary viewer who actually knows that LEGOs are called bricks and not blocks, who waits impatiently for the next product line to be revealed, who spends a weekend constructing a complex LEGO box, you may actually enjoy this film. 475 more words


The Gift Box Office Prediction

Joel Edgerton directs, writes, and costars in the psychological thriller The Gift, out Friday and I think it stands a fair shot at becoming a summer sleeper hit. 143 more words


Top 5ive Greatest Comebacks: Matt

5. Lance Armstrong – After battling cancer, Lance came back with a vengeance and won seven Tour De France. Seven! Who does that? Everyone in the world was in amazement of his comeback and he was on the verge Michael Jordan status as a sports figure. 302 more words

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