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Film Review: Zootopia

Zootopia Film Review

By. Andrew 

The 2016 Disney animated movie, Zootopia, was directed by Byron Howard and Rich Moore and starred Jason Bateman as the sneaky and sarcastic fox, Nick Wilde and Ginnifer Goodwin as the bright-eyed bunny aspiring to become the first police officer of her species, Judy Hopps. 507 more words

Movie Review

10 things you need to watch on Netflix this July

Netflix’s schedule for July sees the premiere of several new TV series.

There will be a fortysomething sitcom, a long-awaited fantasy animation and a drug drama where typically amiable Jason Bateman going full on Walter White. 893 more words


Up in the Air

Released 12/23/2009                              Rated: R

For the most part, I liked it. It’s an interesting look on both lifestyle and relationship choices. George Clooney and Anna Kendrick are great as always. 251 more words


Top 10 Actors Who Play Assholes

Kevin Spacey: Se7en, Swimming With Sharks, The Usual Suspects, Glengarry Glen Ross, American Beauty, Superman Returns for fuck’s sake. Or Nine Lives for that matter, and… 794 more words


Will Arnett Says He Trolls Jason Bateman With His Old 'Teen Beat' Photos

In case you hadn’t heard the news, Arrested Development is officially coming back for season five on Netflix in 2018, and unlike in season four, this time the gang is… 208 more words


Great TV: Arrested Development

Now the story of a wealthy family who lost everything–and the one son who had no choice but to keep them all together. But enough of that already: this is the story of a ridiculous collection of human beings who fall apart and are ill-equipped to deal with the loss of their family’s good fortune, instead flailing absurdly in their downfall’s wake to great amusement of its viewers. 3,984 more words


The First Teaser Trailer For Netflix's Series 'OZARK' Starring Jason Bateman

Check out the first teaser trailer that Netflix has released for their upcoming original series OZARK, starring Jason Bateman!

Starring Jason Bateman, who also executive produces and directs. 135 more words