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Equipoise: Metal’s Misfit Maestros Gather in Guitar Legend’s Honor

NOTE: This was a breaking news article which I was gifted with two excellent interviews the same day. The Equipoise project has since been very successful and is now producing merch. 601 more words


Embodiment of Pure Love/Jason Becker

Ever listened to Jason Becker‘s Altitudes? If not, PLEASE do buy the album Perpetual Burn and listen to it. PLEASE. I beg you. Then you will feel how this maestro can wring your innermost deepest emotions with his guitar. 431 more words

Eleven Blue Egyptians

It may look strange to have a blue collection and even stranger to decide to display part of it on the internet through a blog but I find a selfish pleasure in showcasing this online and I hope this can pass for eye candy for the people reading this blog as well. 246 more words


Shredders' delight: A Shrapnel profile

Just as the Blue Note label suggested jazz of certain quality in the ’50s, Shrapnel Records connoted to the discerning guitarist the most supersonic shred on the planet in the ’80s. 204 more words


Hella Weights!

In my effort to more effectively track the weight loss aspect of this adventure, I have decided upon an Official (LOL, yeah, like I could be THAT serious) Weigh-In Schedule. 160 more words


A Little Bit More Of A Little Ain't Enough

A Little Ain’t Enough is the third studio album by David Lee Roth, released in January 1991 through Warner Music Group.

It was certified gold on April 11, 1991 and by 1996, it was out of print. 1,129 more words


The Shrapnel Years...or, Where My Lunch Money Went In Middle School

Between 1986 when I discovered Yngwie Malmsteen and 1990 when I discovered Alex Lifeson I was a fledgling guitar student learning basic chords and scales. Given that it was the mid to late 80s and I was only 13 I didn’t have guys like Jimmy Page, Ritchie Blackmore, Jeff Beck, and Jimi Hendrix to find inspiration from. 1,674 more words

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