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'Heidi Chronicles' Revival With Elisabeth Moss & Jason Biggs Will Shutter May 3

Usually the closing notices go up after the Tony nominations are announced. But poor business and no prospects of improvement have brought a quick end to… 427 more words

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Find Out the Hilarious Way Jason Biggs' Son Learned to Walk

Jemal Countess/Getty

Many babies take their first steps to reach a toy or a favorite snack, but Sid, the son of Jason Biggs and his… 295 more words


Movie Review: Anything Else (2003)

I wasn’t really anticipating Anything Else, Woody Allen’s romantic comedy from 2003. It’s not very encouraging when Leonard Maltin gives a film a BOMB rating. Not every Woody movie is a gem, I knew that already, especially after my last review entry for… 535 more words


Keep the Faith

Art historian Heidi Holland (Elisabeth Moss) is a true believer.  Worse, she is “that unfortunate contradiction in terms: a serous good person.”  This means, among other things, that she is a feminist who is skeptical of the radical and divisive feminist politics in the ‘seventies but who maintains her integrity as she watches those same radicals shave their legs and sell out in the ‘eighties.   553 more words


'The Heidi Chronicles' Review: Jeremy Gerard On Elisabeth Moss' Fine Turn In Broadway Revival

Fans of AMC’s Mad Men, returning April 5 for the final episodes of its final season, have watched Elisabeth Moss’ Peggy Olson evolve from meek secretary to rising-star protégé of the brilliant ad-man Don Draper, against the tumultuous backdrop of the 1960s. 268 more words

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"The Heidi Chronicles" Gets a Well-Deserved Revival -- But Have Things Really Changed for Women?

By Karen Isaacs

I had one question when seeing The Heidi Chronicles now getting its first Broadway revival:  Would this play about the women’s movement from the ’60s to the ’80s and the young women who pushed it seem dated? 800 more words