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*NEW POST* Whatchu Gonna Do On A Friday Night - MANTOWN Edition

The first Friday of every month should be dedicated solely to your sore cheeks and the men who cause them.

MANTOWN is an improv group comprised of… 426 more words

Have you heard?

Have you heard what critics are saying about Supperfesta? 

Good things. They’re saying good things.


“It felt like Robert Gill Theatre was shaking with laughter” Mooney on Theatre… 14 more words

Supperfesta Poster

The Supperfesta poster is up!

Look for it at a grungy comedy bar near you.

Betty's Modified Guide to a Successful Dinner Party

1. Stop Dean from calling this a Supperfesta. That is not a thing! And it will never be.

2. Yurts belong in Mongolia, or wherever they come from. 32 more words

Tim's Guide to Meeting the Family

1. Bring flowers. Nothing says “I’m a nice guy who is good for your sister” like flowers.

2. Be polite and arrive on time. It’s not that difficult and it will make Betty like me. 51 more words

Rose's Guide to Betty's Dinner Parties

1. Don’t go. Get lost, run out of gas, forget about it, whatever. Just don’t go.

2. Stay home and drink and have sex with a beautiful new boyfriend.

3. Rinse and repeat.

Dean's Guide to a Successful Supperfesta

1. Keep Betty calm.

2. Always obey rule 1.

3. Pants should be optional! They’re so restrictive and oppressive. Much like wives.

4. I love Betty, but this dinner party is a mistake. 97 more words