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'Houthi Missiles' or Radar Glitch? What Sparked US Warship Attack on Yemen?

Last week, the Pentagon began a new military campaign in Yemen, ostensibly in retaliation for attempted attacks on the USS Mason in the Red Sea. But new reports suggest that the American naval vessel may have suffered from a radar malfunction. 398 more words

Brzezinski Urged US To ‘Retaliate’ Against Russian Forces In Syria

In a published op-ed for the Financial Times, former official in the Johnson and Carter Administrations Zbigniew Brzezinski urged that US to use “ 242 more words


Evidence Grows in Deir el-Zour: US Backs ISIS, Russia Makes Accusation

American Bombing No Mistake
By Karl Pomeroy

Quemado Institute
September 19, 2016

Evidence continues to accumulate that the United States is supporting terrorism overseas. The American… 2,791 more words

Western Intervention

Cold War Chill: US Congress Wants to Block Future Presidents Working With Russia

As Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump has expressed interest in renewing ties with Russia, the US Congress seems to be scrambling to ensure that ties between Washington and Moscow will remain sour. 346 more words