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THINK generation Y

Jason Dorsey, acclaimed Millennials keynote speaker, aka the Gen Y Guy ®, was recently invited to speak in front of The Niello Company at a private engagement held at the… 564 more words

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Bridging the divide between Digital Immigrants and Digital Natives

I came across this video of Jason Dorsey speaking to a large group of business leaders and was quite literally blown away!

Never before had I really focused on the enormous issue that within our school libraries we work with and aim to meet the needs of no less than four generations – concurrently! 335 more words

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Falling Into Us - Review

I don’t know if this is the right phrase to use in a situation like this but, MAN that was SOME SERIOUS LOVE STORY. I haven’t read any of Nickolas Spark’s white-people-almost-kissing books, but I have seen the movies and those are pretty serious. 681 more words

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INSIGHTS2013: Generation Y—The Differences Will Surprise You

The largest number of generations are working alongside each other than at any other time in history, noted Jason Dorsey yesterday, during his keynote at… 224 more words

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Flavorwire Interview: Millennials Expert Jason Dorsey Says Young People "Really Do Act Entitled"

A couple of weeks back, Flavorwire was invited to attend a rather curious event sponsored by Ford. It was a panel discussion called “Hipsters Hate Cars,” promising to “use data, trends and expertise to show that Millennials aren’t just a bunch of PBR-drinking hipsters who spin vinyl and ride bikes.” Your correspondent didn’t end up attending, mainly because… well, because it was a panel discussion sponsored by Ford called “Hipsters Hate Cars,” but I did read the subsequent… 2,379 more words