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Trump Voters Will Stick With Him Forever

I have steadfastly avoided most “Trump voter” treatises in the news and the constant rush to check on his approval ratings. They reek of a fawning, confused attempt to normalize, empathize with and explain elements of American society that people of color, and white folks with even a rudimentary knowledge of history, have always known. 1,127 more words

Politics Over Paycheck? The Life of a Black Host on Fox News

Black folks are, by and large, understanding when it’s time to get that paper. Whether it’s Barack Obama getting $400,000 to give a few speeches, athletes trying to sell $500 shoes—heck, even strippers on the pole—when it comes to jobs, most black people won’t bat an eye as long as it’s legal, profitable and isn’t a violation of core principles of decency. 1,320 more words

The Root On the Run: Justin Fairfax Campaigning for Lt. Governor of Virginia

Tired of punching at the sky, yelling at the television and unfriending folks from high school because of politics? Of course you are! The current administration’s steady commitment to incompetence, corruption and white nationalists has gotten the American people, especially African Americans, riled up in ways not seen since… 1,227 more words

Can We Talk About This Thing Bothering Me About Dear White People?

When Netflix announced that it would release a TV series based on the 2014 film Dear White People, a lot of white people freaked out… 1,183 more words

Ferguson Activists Are Dying and It’s Time to Ask Questions

The most iconic photo of the Ferguson, Mo., protests, if not the entire Black Lives Matter movement, is of Edward Crawford defiantly throwing a tear gas canister back at riot police. 909 more words

Why the French Election Matters to Black America, With Rokhaya Diallo of BET France

I get it; Americans are busy. We have a crumbling infrastructure, a president who wants to take us to war with Canada (Canada!) and a Justice Department that clearly changed its slogan to “Just-Us.” 872 more words

Black Guns Matter: My Day at the NRA Convention in the Age of Trump

“You know that’s just a Klan rally without the hoods, right?”

“Bring Kevlar.”


I went because the NRA is all about telling Americans that guns keep you safe from everything: crime, terrorists and those jack-booted, gun-hating liberal thugs in the government. 1,865 more words