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NBC BLK: Is Marco Rubio the Republican Barack Obama?

Give it a decade or two and the Obama legacy and mantle will be fought over like a quidditch ball. I give a student lecture each year about how Barack Obama is the Democratic Reagan, and just as Republicans have fought over the Reagan crown for decades, a similar fight will erupt among Democratic candidates in the 2020’s and presidential races beyond. 760 more words


The Root: Rand Paul Isn't Ready for Prime Time

GOP presidential hopeful Rand Paul’s slip was showing during his long, rambling and repetitive announcement Tuesday of his intent to run for president.

The Kentucky senator’s campaign launch wasn’t the worst rollout we’ve seen in recent years (that award still belongs to the Obamacare website), but the mixture of misused thematic elements, poor organization and a low-quality presentation makes his a close second. 795 more words


NBC BLK: Ferguson Elections: Three Things to Know

Voters in Ferguson, Missouri, go to the polls Tuesday in the first election there since Michael Brown was shot to death and the city was gripped by the most explosive racial unrest in the United States in two decades. 744 more words


NBC BLK: Indiana's Legislative Temper Tantrum Against The Left

After seven days of dithering around, Governor Mike Pence has capitulated and agreed to ‘fix’ the Religious Freedom Restoration Act passed by his state legislature before it would be signed. 754 more words

Jason Johnson Weekly Column

The Root: ‘Anti-Semitic’ Tweets or Not, Comedy Central Will Stand by Trevor Noah

Given the speed at which modern news operates, it’s a miracle that anybody ever gets to have any fun.

No sooner had Comedy Central announced that biracial South African standup comedian Trevor Noah would be taking over  951 more words

Jason Johnson Weekly Column

NBC BLK: You Can't Put Trevor Noah in a Box

I am what I affectionately refer to as an “early adopter” of foreign actors and performers.

As a kid I was watching poorly dubbed grainy VHS tapes of Jackie Chan’s “Drunken Master” movies long before American audiences were introduced to him in ’90s action flicks with Chris Tucker and Owen Wilson. 896 more words

Jason Johnson Weekly Column

The Root: T-Dogging Through The Walking Dead Season 5 Finale

Season 5, a bounce-back season for The Walking Dead, ends this Sunday with a 90-minute finale. The Walking Dead has had its ups and downs but really hit its stride this season, finally becoming the thrilling and complex show all of us who read the comics hoped it would be. 1,417 more words

Jason Johnson Weekly Column