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NBC BLK: The Holtzclaw Trial: When Rape Culture Meets #BlackLivesMatter

Our collective vision of the bad cop in America is chilling, sobering and totally driven by Hollywood. The bad cop takes bribes from the mob in “The Departed” or is part of some conspiracy like in “Better Call Saul.” In the worst case scenario he’s Denzel from “Training Day”, some diabolical gangster with a badge. 1,657 more words

Jason Johnson Weekly Column

NBC BLK: Ben Carson, Bad Biographies and The 'Redeemed Negro' Narrative

It may sound crazy, but the last week has been very very good for Ben Carson’s campaign. If Donald Trump is a human internet comments section… 811 more words


NBC BLK: Ben Carson is Trolling Us With His new Rap Ad

Can we just agree that Republicans and rap aren’t usually a good combination?

This doesn’t mean the GOP is universally against rap music, we all love the… 498 more words


The Walking Jeb: How Jeb Bush’s Campaign Has Become the Living Dead

One of the best things about adult Halloween is that you have no pretense about what you’re really dressing up for. As a kid, it really mattered that you  899 more words


The Root: Can We Stop Pretending That Ben Carson Is Running for President?

There was a time when running for president was actually a money-losing venture.

In fact, over the last 30 or so years, most presidential candidates (including some who actually won) ended up with tremendous debts after the campaign. 935 more words


NBC BLK: Biden's Big Decision Has Been Made And It's No Surprise

I have a questionable track record when it comes to big “Decisions”.

Back in 2004 I told my undergraduate students that there was no way the lanky guy bi-racial guy from Chicago who gave the big speech at the Democratic convention would decide to run for president in four years. 799 more words


NBC BLK: 3 Questions African-Americans Should Ask Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz (R-TX), presents a particular set of questions for African American voters in the 2016 presidential election. He’s the first candidate to announce for the GOP nomination, and yet the conservative firebrand has always remained in the polling mushy middle. 816 more words