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The Root: Donald Trump Runs for Dictator in Chief

The fun way to write about Wednesday night’s presidential debate would be to focus on the ridiculous number of hashtags and memes that were produced by caustic exchanges between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. 872 more words


The Root: 8 Shows That Will Be on Trump TV if Donald Trump Loses the Election

The American voter finally has confirmation of what we were thinking all along: Donald Trump doesn’t really want to be president.

All the evidence is there: He’s run a Dumpster fire of a campaign, and even though he managed to blow through 16 mealymouthed Republicans in the primaries while completely taking command of the Republican base, the moment he was catching up to Hillary Clinton last August, he self-destructed by going after a former Miss Universe, Gold Star families and his fellow Republicans. 1,061 more words


The Root: The #TrumpTape Debate: Either Hillary Clinton Wins the Debate or America Has Lost Its Way

Donald Trump is in serious trouble with his own party heading into the crucial town hall debate against Hillary Clinton on Sunday night. Not because he denies climate change, threatens to nuke half the world, won’t share his finances, most likely didn’t pay taxes for 20 years, stiffed hundreds of employees, offers a safe haven to the Ku Klux Klan or worships a dictator like Vladimir Putin—or because of the numerous instances of sexism, racism and crude behavior. 959 more words


The Root: In VP Debate, Mike Pence Goes on 90-Minute Shaggy ‘It Wasn’t Me’ Defense

Unless you’re one of those people whose Pandora/iTunes/Tidal service features no music that dropped before “Trap Queen,” you might remember a pop-reggae song called “ 612 more words


The Root: Criming While White: Why Would Trump Change a Tax System That Made Him Rich?

The 2016 election’s first manufactured “October surprise” is a full-length investigative story from the New York Times about Donald Trump’s taxes. More specifically, the fact that after running up almost a billion dollars in losses and debts in 1995, Trump has likely not paid any taxes in almost 20 years. 812 more words


Washington Post: Black voters won’t ever like Trump. The debate showed why.

It went by pretty quickly, but we witnessed a watershed political moment during Monday night’s presidential debate.

When Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton called out Republica nominee Donald Trump for perpetuating a “ 858 more words

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