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Saida Grundy Shows Twitter Doesn't Always Equal Tenure

There aren’t too many African Americans in higher education.

In fact, black folks only make up about 4 percent of all full time tenured college faculty in America. 825 more words

Jason Johnson Weekly Column

NBC BLK: Why we don't care about Tom Brady's Deflated Balls

The National Football League has replaced baseball as the favorite sport in America, literally billing itself as “America’s Game.” (Any reference to baseball as America’s pastime today is muttered ironically or by Cooperstown inductees clinging to the past.) 889 more words

Jason Johnson Weekly Column

NBC BLK: How to Watch an American Riot

While Americans have been glued to their TVs, laptops and Twitter watching riots and protests against police brutality over the last 8 months, the majority of the country remains spectators not participants. 856 more words

Jason Johnson Weekly Column

NBC BLK: Ben Affleck, Slavery and the Need for Black Friends

In case you missed it, Ben Affleck has been the subject of a strange controversy surrounding his appearance on the Henry Louis “Skip” Gates Jr.’s… 947 more words

Jason Johnson Weekly Column

NBC BLK: Is Marco Rubio the Republican Barack Obama?

Give it a decade or two and the Obama legacy and mantle will be fought over like a quidditch ball. I give a student lecture each year about how Barack Obama is the Democratic Reagan, and just as Republicans have fought over the Reagan crown for decades, a similar fight will erupt among Democratic candidates in the 2020’s and presidential races beyond. 760 more words


The Root: Rand Paul Isn't Ready for Prime Time

GOP presidential hopeful Rand Paul’s slip was showing during his long, rambling and repetitive announcement Tuesday of his intent to run for president.

The Kentucky senator’s campaign launch wasn’t the worst rollout we’ve seen in recent years (that award still belongs to the Obamacare website), but the mixture of misused thematic elements, poor organization and a low-quality presentation makes his a close second. 795 more words


NBC BLK: Ferguson Elections: Three Things to Know

Voters in Ferguson, Missouri, go to the polls Tuesday in the first election there since Michael Brown was shot to death and the city was gripped by the most explosive racial unrest in the United States in two decades. 744 more words