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CNN: Snatching Little League title from Jackie Robinson West is a lousy move

To paraphrase the ESPN “30 for 30″ sports documentary opening: “What if I told you that a sport based on lying, cheating and rule bending worked perfectly fine as long as brown kids and fans paid the price?” 826 more words

Jason Johnson Weekly Column

NBC BLK: Where Are the Black Anti-Vaxxers in the Measles Debate?

American politics is famous for its short term memory.

A day can change someone’s political fortune, a week can change the direction of the entire election cycle. 644 more words

Jason Johnson Weekly Column

NBC BLK: Is Patricia Bynes the Kingmaker of Ferguson?

“I told people I would help them,” says Patricia Bynes as she calls me late Sunday night, exhausted after a day of knocking on doors and canvassing for candidates. 958 more words


Top 10 Reasons Politicos Should Watch Super Bowl XLIX

Super Bowl Sunday is the highest of Holy Days for sports fans and NFL fans alike. But what about those outliers? What if your team isn’t playing, or you only care about college sports — or worse you’ve been invited to a Super Bowl Party but know nothing about who to root for or why? 674 more words


NBC BLK: The State of the Union is Now a Reality TV Experience

Do you remember the first gimmick you saw on a reality show? After years of watching strangers living together, just being “real,” MTV realized the only way to keep the viewers attention was to have the… 787 more words


The Root: State of the Union, Part 6: What President Barack Obama Will Say and Why

President Obama’s sixth State of the Union address may sound a lot like his second way back in 2011. Which means the president has to stand before the public and lay out his agenda for the future while knowing full well that after a horrible showing by the Democrats during the midterms, much of what he is suggesting will likely never reach his desk, let alone the public. 698 more words