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Black Friday/Small Business Saturday Sale!

Take your improvisations to new heights. For 2-days ONLY you can get BOTH Targeting: Improvisation With Purpose & Breaking the Monotony as instant digital downloads WITH an hour-long Skype lesson for only $70! 18 more words

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How To Practice Licks That Don't Sound Like Licks: Part 2

In Part 1 of this series, we examined three strategies to spice up your practice sessions: 1) octave displacement, 2) rhythmic variation, and 3) sidestepping. 243 more words

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Leaving On A High Note

It’s interesting how you can get inspiration and ideas from the strangest/oddest places. The other day I was watching a re-run of an episode of Seinfeld called… 341 more words

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Targeting and Breaking the Monotony

We have a limited number of physical copies of Targeting: Improvisation With Purpose and Breaking the Monotony left available. Like many small business publishers are doing; Jason Klobnak Music will no longer be offer the physical books in our catalog after the current stock is depleted. 33 more words

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Improv for Beginners

A lot of the tips that get posted on this site vary from intermediate to advanced concepts found in improvisation. While there are a few focused on beginners, I thought it would be good to post a few more to help those that are just starting out. 500 more words

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Best of 2013 #3

Coming in at #3 for the Best of 2013 (based off of how many views and searches throughout the year) is the post made called… 528 more words

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Best Recordings of 2013 List

I am very honored and humbled to share this exciting news with you today. Mountain, Move made the list of Best Recordings of 2013 by C. 92 more words

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