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The Joy and Optimism of Andrea Savage’s ‘I’m Sorry’

“Andrea Savage (Veep, Episodes, Dog Bites Man) created and stars in ‘I’m Sorry’, a new half-hour comedy on truTV. Tired of being offered boring, distressed, sexless mom roles, Savage set out to write a character she’d be proud to play on a show she’d love to work on. 92 more words


The House Review: How Can So Many Funny People Star in Such an Unfunny Movie?

There’s almost no point in reviewing The House at this point. It’s entering its third weekend, and has already been left for dead, just another failed R-Rated comedy in a year full of them. 1,381 more words

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The House

I’m feeling uninspired. I’m not sure I can identify the exact problem with this movie. It has a talented cast and a promising premise – and truth be told, it did make me laugh, sporadically. 384 more words


The House

It’s always said ‘it’s the way you tell them’ and that’s genuinely true here

Let’s be honest. The classic American comedy genre is tired and overdone. 242 more words


Review: Does The House Bring Down "The House" With Its Comedy Stylings?

I’m assuming on paper The House must have looked like a match made in heaven.

Two comedy powerhouses teaming up with a writer/director that had written both… 605 more words


The House (2017)

I went into this movie uncertain of what to expect. Based on the previews, I really wanted to like it, but the last couple years of comedies have caused me to question my instincts, and a review embargo usually isn’t a good sign either. 461 more words


Flash Movie Review: The House

HAVING children less than 4 years apart in age, I asked how he was preparing for the overlapping college costs. When I was growing up I do not think parents thought as much about it as they do now. 542 more words