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I have never seen or experienced anything in my life that has me as inspired as my wifes actions this past weekend. Please allow me to  explain: 570 more words


My son and I took a much-needed break today. We laid down on the couch and took a nap. This doesn’t happen often so you would think I would feel recharged, but this is not the case. 515 more words


Motivation: A call for help

My brother Jason was not a normal man. I mean this is so many ways that I can not and will not list them all right now, but I will list a few. 1,021 more words


Bittersweet Football

Tonight I watched the Denver Brocos destroy the Baltimore Ravens. This is fantastic on many levels. First of all I hate the Ratbird Ravens, so seeing them lose pleases me. 280 more words


Happy Memories

9 years ago tomorrow (July 10th 2004) was a great day. Esja’s mom and dad had meticulously planned out a wonderful wedding, Jason was my best man, Ted handed me a beer as I walked up the aisle a married man, Granny told stories to a whole new crowd of people, and my mom looked beautiful in her apricot colored dress. 556 more words


Hidden Tragedy

This is a news story done by NBC news in Miami. It involves a great many important facts about what you will, or rather, will not find, when researching a cruise. 75 more words