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Our Digital Servitude: Viktor Timofeev/John Gerrard

An acquaintance of mine works for a successful video gaming company, producing their short, film preview-like teasers and advertisements. Generating footage using free-floating perspectives within the worlds of the games, he considers his work as factually capturing those worlds, and refers to himself as a “documentary maker.” This is a peculiar spin on machinima—the term used for videos produced from within video game platforms—but video games are a reality we have long invested in, so why not treat them as such? 1,023 more words


American game designer Jason Rohrer appeared on the Wisconsin Public Radio show To the Best of Our Knowledge discussing his two-player, strategy (and gambling) game, … 33 more words


Spending Christmas with Diamond Trust of London

How did you spend your Christmas? I played some Diamond Trust of London, a game I funded on Kickstarter a few years ago and first… 197 more words


Jason Rohrer Artist Research Notes (04/10/14)

Jason Rohrer Artist Research Notes:

  • Jason Rohrer works in multiple areas of works, from being a computer programmer, or a musician or game designer.
  • He has created multiple games, such as Passage, Sleep In Death and Transcend.
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Favorite Videogames: Passage

22. Passage (Jason Rohrer, 2007, Windows PC)

There has been much debate lately about what videogames are or are not, about games and ungames, about ludology and narratology, and about what videogames should do in order to fulfill their calling to art, if they are an art to begin with. 672 more words

Favorite Videogames

Feeling Properly Powerless in The Castle Doctrine

Jason Rohrer makes games about big ideas and universal themes. But also, Jason Rohrer makes games entirely about the hyper-specifics of being Jason Rohrer.

The characters in his games are him and his family, as they are and/or as he imagines them. 1,050 more words


Live Out Your Middle-Aged Homesteading Nightmare in The Castle Doctrine

Doomsday Preppers take note, apparently.

For the uninformed — The Castle Doctrine has generated quite a bit of controversy throughout it’s alpha for a plethora of reasons, a few of which are gender issues, social responsibility, and existentialist fear mongering. 302 more words