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New Paradigm for Mankind: Leibniz, the Human Mind & what that means for Education, October 21, 2015

Tune in at 5 PM Eastern for a live show with the LPAC Science Team as they discuss Leibniz, the human mind, and what this implies for a real human education. 17 more words


New Paradigm for Mankind • A New Quantum Physics

Even as an alarming, increasing density of seismic, economic, and political events buffet us, experts in all fields insist that the world around us cannot be understood! 54 more words

Physical Science

Eclectic Mix

It has been too long since my last post, but it is too easy for studying to get in the way. Let me take you through a few of the tracks that I have been listening to while studying the various and horrifying types of diarrhea that bacteria can cause. 241 more words

Jason and Nate - September 3, 2015

Jason and Nate discuss the fallout from the overturning of Tom Brady’s four game suspension in the Deflategate scandal. Plus, are the Giants dead after getting swept by the Dodgers? 25 more words


Friday Webcast · August 21, 2015 [Fixed Complete Version]

Join us for our weekly Friday webcast featuring the latest analysis of Lyndon LaRouche. Tonight’s webcast will feature an update on the war danger, Obama’s intentionally provocative role, and the underlying trigger of it all: a financial blowout that will make 2008 pale in comparison. 49 more words

Global Thermonuclear War

An Interview with Paul Driessen, Author of "Eco-Imperialism: Green Power, Black Death"

For this week’s New Paradigm show, we feature LPAC Science Research Team member Jason Ross’ August 12, 2015 interview with Paul Driessen, author of Eco-Imperialism: Green Power, Black Death. 5,848 more words

British Imperial Strategy

Friday Webcast · July 31, 2015

Friday evening webcast featuring Jeffrey Steinberg. Tonight Jeff will elaborate the statement issued Thursday on larouchepac.com, “To Stop World War III, Hillary Must Expose Obama’s Benghazi Lies” 4,776 more words

Lyndon Larouche