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Leibniz's Loving Wisdom, not Russell's Evil Logic

When confronted with an understanding of the depth of the crisis we are in, the question naturally arises: “How did we get here? How did people become so stupid?” In this week’s show, Jason Ross leads a discussion of the downshift in thinking and morality seen in the Twentieth Century—with the replacement of creativity by logic—and concludes with concepts from Leibniz that point the way to a different view of man and science.


Anjunabeats Volume 12: The Best Yet

Hello all. Its been awhile. I was on a holiday hiatus but I am back and have lots of new music to share with you all. 357 more words

Bertrand Russell, in 1895, Pre-Ordains that the Quantum and Relativity Will Never Be Discovered

Posted by Jason Ross on August 21, 2015

The depths of the present strategic crisis, in which Obama’s actions drive a process that makes a US/NATO confrontation with Russia becomes more possible by the day, cannot be understood without posing the question: how have people, generally, allowed this situation to develop? 1,396 more words

British Imperial Strategy

A Classic Reworked and a New Favorite Mashup

One of my favorite Arty tracks has been reworked with a modern vibe. This track has always been a favorite of mine for drives with the windows down on a clear blue summer day. 45 more words

New Paradigm for Mankind: Leibniz, the Human Mind & what that means for Education, October 21, 2015

Tune in at 5 PM Eastern for a live show with the LPAC Science Team as they discuss Leibniz, the human mind, and what this implies for a real human education. 17 more words

Human Progress

New Paradigm for Mankind • A New Quantum Physics

Even as an alarming, increasing density of seismic, economic, and political events buffet us, experts in all fields insist that the world around us cannot be understood! 54 more words

Human Progress