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Interview with Paul Gallagher: Financing a Recovery

Jason Ross sits down with EIR’s Paul Gallagher to discuss how to finance the trillions of dollars required for a U.S. recovery, taking up questions that have come in from activists and from YouTube. 40 more words

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The New Suez Canal and the SC Economic Zone: A Case Study

The New Suez Canal, built over a one-year period from 2014 to 2015, represents a tremendous success for Egypt. But the uncompleted plans for the surrounding economic zone point to the shortcomings of current trans-Atlantic economics, and the potential offered by the Alexander Hamilton-style credit policy. 16 more words


A Renaissance in World Infrastructure: A Presentation to Engineers on the World Land-Bridge

The tremendous potential for a new paradigm of commitment to, and financing for infrastructure projects around the world was presented by Jason Ross to a group of civil engineers. 27 more words


Discovering Humanity's True Nature: The Case of Einstein

by Jason Ross

The author is a founding member of the LaRouchePAC science research team, also known as “The Basement.”

August 23 — With the collapse of the trans-Atlantic system of finance and geo-politics, and the rise of a new system of physical economic and scientific development, centered in Russia and China, we are confronted by the need to develop an adequate concept of the human individual and of relations among people. 889 more words


Fireside Chat with Jason Ross, August 25, 2016

Join Jason Ross to discuss Lyndon LaRouche’s emphasis on the role of Einstein’s genius in this unprecedented period of history.

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The New Paradigm: Einstein Today

As the paradigm of speculative finance, geopolitics and empire collapses, and a new paradigm of economic and scientific cooperation takes hold, we are confronted by the need for a standard of relations among people and nations. 36 more words