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Discovering Humanity's True Nature: The Case of Einstein

by Jason Ross

The author is a founding member of the LaRouchePAC science research team, also known as “The Basement.”

August 23 — With the collapse of the trans-Atlantic system of finance and geo-politics, and the rise of a new system of physical economic and scientific development, centered in Russia and China, we are confronted by the need to develop an adequate concept of the human individual and of relations among people. 889 more words


Fireside Chat with Jason Ross, August 25, 2016

Join Jason Ross to discuss Lyndon LaRouche’s emphasis on the role of Einstein’s genius in this unprecedented period of history.

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The New Paradigm: Einstein Today

As the paradigm of speculative finance, geopolitics and empire collapses, and a new paradigm of economic and scientific cooperation takes hold, we are confronted by the need for a standard of relations among people and nations. 36 more words


Friday Webcast, August 19, 2016

Join us for our weekly Webcast with Matthew Ogden, Jason Ross, Michael Steger and Kesha Rogers.

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LPAC Policy Committee Show, August 1, 2016

Tune in for our live weekly discussion with members of the LaRouchePAC Policy Committee and an up-to-date analysis of Lyndon LaRouche’s analysis of global events.


Introduction to LaRouche’s Economics

Would raising the minimum wage to $15/hr fix the economy? How about making it $100/hr? Don’t start with money — the economy starts from the human ability to make and implement discoveries, as measured through energy flux density and potential population density. 23 more words


FIT: The People Making a Difference-Part 3

Closing out my three-part report on the wonderful things I learned at FIT’s Summer Institute, this post is a celebration of good old American Artisanship; the new pioneers who are going against the grain and replanting their flag on this once-fertile soil. 15 more words

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