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JIMI HENDRIXS by Jason B. Thompson

When u go where u ought not be, it makes two places ur not suppose to be, and knowing where ur going is key, but first u gotta know who u are, which is hard, at least for it is for me. 2,040 more words

Jason Thompson

Note To Self, by Jason B. Thompson

“Birthdays are the worst days.” I didn’t say it, Biggie did (RIP). What I said was more along the lines of a Mobb Deep lyric of “fuck birthdays”. 757 more words

Jason Thompson

Untitled, by Jason B. Thompson

I’m a card player. Quite different from what can be referred to as a gambler. Gambling is to bet money on a chance occurrence. Whereas a card player uses his or her natural gift of card sense, plus the acquired technique of manipulating the variables to manifest his or her financial gain. 3,479 more words

Jason Thompson

AN AFTER THOUGHT By Jason B. Thompson

True transparency is to speak openly and honesty about things other ppl wudnt know about u unless u told them, especially those things not painting u in the best of lights. 1,839 more words

Jason Thompson

FACING THE PAIN OF A BEING A KILLER, An inmate offers an apology that brings him face to face with his crime. By Jason B. Thompson

“I seen u on the prison TV station last night,” said a familiar voice from over my left shoulder. Knowing it was Bass, I turned my attention away from preparing the service line where most inmates wud get their dinner that night. 1,403 more words


THE VOICELESS by Jason B. Thompson

Down that dead end street of a neighborhood I never got to leave, sat our small, red shingled house, surrounded mostly by trees, but on one side there was a hill so steep, none of us kids cud ever ride our bikes up it. 1,811 more words

Jason Thompson

INTRODUCTION BLOG, by Jason B. Thompson

Who I am is jus as complicated a question as how I am, can’t say why that is, believe me, I’ve wondered myself, even wished I cud be more of a simplier man. 584 more words

Jason Thompson