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Blocking the CDI container politely

If, like me, you’re looking for a way to run other containers (like web servers) inside a CDI container, you may have been frustrated by the annoying propensity of the Java Virtual Machine to exit helpfully when no non- 1,350 more words

The naked web service

So called because this article puts together all the parts of a web service by hand so that when you use the available tools out there designed to make things easier and quicker you can work out what has gone wrong and how to fix it. 3,979 more words


Consecutive character removal algorithm

Recently I came across a question in one of the coding practices quiz – Remove consecutive characters from a string and they say it as String Bomber Algorithm. 366 more words


Dynamic CDI Producer Methods

I’m exploring some of my configuration ideas and ran into a pattern that I recognize from prior experience and wanted to document how to resolve it here. 2,496 more words

Boosting the Signal: Antoine Sabot-Durand on CDI Portable Extensions

Antoine Sabot-Durand just posted a nice walkthrough of the CDI container lifecycle from the standpoint of portable extensions.

Neo4j is faster than MySQL in performing recursive query

A user on StackOverflow was wondering about the performance between Neo4j and MySQL for performing a recursive query. They started with Neo4j performing the query in… 1,261 more words

Graph Database

Application compatibility for different Spark versions

Recently spark version 2.1 was released and there is a significant difference between the 2 versions.

Spark 1.6 has DataFrame and SparkContext while 2.1 has Dataset and SparkSession. 663 more words