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Analyzing Memory Usage of an Application


Memory usage of an application is a key factor to monitor. Specially in production systems you need to set alarms to make sure that system is stable. 1,271 more words


The Mutable State-of-Art

Once very often, social media lights up with opinions about the Javascript language, frameworks and its ecosystem being terrible. Some time ago, there was one around React framework, and the question was whether putting all HTML/CSS/JavaScript in one file is a really a good thing, which is against the age old practice of separation of these technologies. 921 more words


How to run R scripts from Clojure - #clojure #r #datascience #data #java

An interesting conversation came up during a tea break in London meeting this week. How do run R scripts from within Clojure? One was simple, the other (mine) was far more complicated (see the… 839 more words

Data And Statistics

Supervised machine learning

libsvm is the first supervised machine learning library i have used extensively, more than 10 years back.

It was pretty awesome that time back, seeing a… 48 more words


Unit Testing vs. Component Testing in Lagom

Let’s first understand the basic difference between unit testing and component testing and then we will have a look at a practical application of unmanaged service in lagom with its test cases. 1,012 more words