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Google Recaptcha V2

Disclaimer :  Google Recaptcha was developed by Google Inc. I am just using it for learning purpose.

Google introduced new captcha named as “Google Recaptcha V 2.0″. 372 more words


Java Basics

1.1   The structure of a Java class and source code file

1.1.1       Structure of a Java class

A class can define multiple components for example: 1,792 more words


[CSC 200] Java Script Notes 1 [Under Construction ]

 Remember to use “CTRL” + “F” if you need to find something specific.

PDF: Java Intro for Python Programmers

Breaking it down:

System.out.print(“Hello, world!”);
System.out.println(“Hello, world!”); 390 more words
Csc 200

How does Hibernate READ_ONLY CacheConcurrencyStrategy work


As I previously explained, enterprise caching requires diligence. Because data is duplicated between the database (system of record) and the caching layer, we need to make sure the two separate data sources don’t drift apart. 1,175 more words


Come λ Along with Java8

Last week I did Functional Programming in Java8 sessions at my existing client place. It was real fun and everyone enjoyed it!

Here are the slides that I used in the backdrop while coding along:


Calculating Geodistance - my move from #Java to #Clojure

Sometimes it’s too easy to rest on what you know well, anything for an easier life. Less challenges more ease. Grab a cup of tea and carry on. 730 more words


ANTLR4 project with Maven – Tutorial (episode 3)

[Episode 1] [Episode 2] Now for something completely different. During the preparation of episode 3 I changed my mind and thought that the best way to approach the remaining issues (self embedding and AST) was to embrace a classic. 1,564 more words