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8. Conditional statements

1. Introduction

Some of you may be thinking: “Ok, I can now write Java code, but…what if I don’t want it to behave the same way ALL the time?”. 2,352 more words


Integrate Redis to your Spring project

This article shows how to integrate Redis cache to your spring project through annotation configuration.

We will begin with our Gradle configuration. We will use the jedis driver. 654 more words


Method Overriding in C# and Java

Recently I have been trying to learn C#. As a long-time Java developer, there have been a few surprises. C# and Java have a lot in common, so it’s hard for me to notice some of the subtle differences. 144 more words


Java : difference between Polymorphism and Inheritance

Since the definition for both them have some common ground so it may confuse some times with the differences between this two paradigm. Definitions from wiki, you might have already read it. 114 more words


Yogyakarta & Borobudur

After a short flight from Sumatra we landed in Yogyakarta, Java. Yogyakarta (aka Jogja) is a very artistic city; lots of walls are laced with street art. 88 more words


7. Operators

1. Introduction

In this tutorial, your 7th Java tutorial, we’ll be talking about operators. Java has quite a big list of operators, some more important than others as you might expect. 3,799 more words


Java Basics:Getting Started with Java

Here we will discuss some basics topics related to Java.

  • Where to download Java.
  • How to install Java.
  • Setting up the Environment Variables.
  • Our First Java Program.
  • 590 more words