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Java 8 - Method References

Method references can be used with the Lambda Expressions. They can be used to refer method of functional interface. It allows to reuse the method implementation among Lambda expressions. 168 more words


Java 8 - Lambda Expressions

This is available since Java 8.
This is very usefull in java Collection Framework.

Lambda expressions can be only used with the functional interfaces. (An interface which has only one abstract method). 250 more words


Reading Material for April 12, 2018

Reading Material

Spring Data JPA with multiple datasource

  • Spring Boot 1.5.11.RELEASE
  • Spring Data JPA 1.11.11.RELEASE
  • Hibernate 5.3.5.Final
  • Postgres 9.4

When using Spring Data JPA together with Spring Boot. It’s easily to realize that Spring Boot JDBC help to initialize one primary data source. 357 more words


Guide to Java 8 concurrency using Executors

Working with the Thread class in Java can be very tedious and error-prone. Due to this reason, Concurrency API was introduced back in 2004 with the release of Java 5 and then enhanced with every new Java release.The API is located in package java.util.concurrent. 598 more words