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New release: Java WebSocket API handbook

Happy to announce the initial release of the Java WebSocket API handbook. This is still a work in progress but moving at a strady pace. You can read this on… 142 more words

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Our own Multi-Model Database – Part 6

Back in Part 2 we ran some JMH tests to see how many empty nodes we could create. Let’s try that test one more time, but adding some properties. 1,637 more words

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Fix JMX RMI port configuration

Set the following ports in java command line:


Example on unique port 9229:


In Tomcat / TomEE set them in bin/setenv.sh file: 93 more words


Yogyakarta Sultan's Palace - Kraton

I am not going to bore you with details of the Keraton, the place was interesting enough and worth the visit for those who has never been. 265 more words


Our own Multi-Model Database – Part 5

In part 4 I promised metrics and a shell, so that’s what we’ll tackle today. We are lucky that the Metrics library can be plugged into Jooby… 1,424 more words

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Property Level Security with Neo4j Enterprise

In Neo4j 3.1 Enterprise edition, we introduced the first wave of security features that are coming down the pipeline. Now you can start off with Administrators, Architects, Publishers and Readers as built in default groups. 1,312 more words

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