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Work Order Management with Neo4j

I look terrible in a bikini (take my word for it) but I’d love me a Lamborghini. However, in order to afford nice things, we need to do as… 1,474 more words

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Building a Boolean Logic Rules Engine in Neo4j

A boolean logic rules engine was the first project I did for Neo4j before I joined the company some 5 years ago. I was working for some start-up at the time but took a week off to play consultant. 1,704 more words

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Internals of Java Future<V>

Future<V> is one of the most interesting Interfaces of Java. This is a concurrency abstraction also know as Promise which promises to return the result of an asynchronous computation in future without blocking the code execution.  631 more words


Simple Process Using Activiti


Recently I came across this interesting area, “business processes and workflows”. Going further from simple workflows, this is a vast area to explore. There exists numbers of workflow engines which provides generic functionality to develop workflows for any use-case. 481 more words


Finding Triplets with Neo4j

A user had an interesting Neo4j question on Stack Overflow the other day:

I have two types of nodes in my graph. One type is Testplan and the other is Tag.

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Deploying Spring Boot Applications on RedHat’s OpenShift

I’ve been deploying majority of my Spring Boot powered applications on RedHat’s OpenShift for it’s simplicity and flexibility.

Based on the Spring Boot Documentation, Deploying to OpenShift should be easy as 1,2,3 . 221 more words



Below is a program to determine if a given number is a square – using java BigInteger. Its useful if implementing an algorithm such as… 192 more words