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Daily Grind: No hope recompiling, let's do a workaround

A week ago I mentioned that I am working with a legacy application. And it seems like there’s nothing we can do about it so my lead gave me a workaround (Seriously, Thank you Kuya Louie), create a script to do the edits. 131 more words

Daily Grind: Losing my battle with Legacy Applications

Fifteen tabs from chrome and I still can’t resolve the compatibility issues of an old ear module that needs some fixing. A lot of people were already helping me, (Thank you Kuya Louie, Kuya Bryan), but to this day, it’s still cloudy. 124 more words

Java EE to Eclipse: A Welcome Move

It looks like Java EE may finally be fully free.

In a blog post on the venerable Aquarium blog (started by the Glassfish team at Sun a decade or so ago) Oracle has announced that it has selected the Eclipse Foundation as the… 425 more words


Java EE moves to Eclipse

If you’ve been following the news about Oracle’s new direction for Java EE, you’ll know that one of the motivations for changing the governance and process is to move Java EE forward in a more agile and responsive manner. 328 more words


The future of Java EE

At this stage the future of Java EE looks brighter than it has for quite a while as Oracle, working with Red Hat, IBM, other vendors and the wider community to move the specifications, TCKs and overall innovation to an open source foundation. 1,479 more words