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Difference b/w Cache Writer and Cache entry listener

In one of my previous blogs, I gave an overview of Cache Loader+Writer as well as Cache entry listeners. The difference b/w a Cache Loader and Cache create/update entry listener is obvious and their roles are clearly differentiated… 156 more words

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Does this Java EE application platform make my app look fat?

It’s time to stop perpetuating the myth that all Java Enterprise Edition (EE) application platforms are a bloated mess. Overweight, over-engineered, slow performing platforms that are a burden to simply deploy Java EE applications on. 1,458 more words


Servlet life cycle and cây phân cấp (gia pả)

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– Java Servlets là các chương trình chạy trên một Web server hay một ứng dụng server và thực hiện như một tần trung gian giữa một yêu cầu từ một trình duyệt web hoạc HTTP Client với các Database hoạc các ứng dụng trên HTTP servlet… 801 more words

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Deploying WebSocket annotated & programmatic server endpoints together

One of my previous blog post discussed Programmatic WebSocket endpoints and their deployment methodology using the javax.server.ServerApplicationConfig class.

When annotated and programmatic endpoints co-exist…

you have to make use of the a custom implementation of… 179 more words

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Continuous Integration (CI)

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– Continuous Integration ( CI ) : là một thực tiễn phát triển đòi hỏi các nhà phát triển để tích hợp mã vào một kho lưu trữ chia sẻ đều đặn. 350 more words

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Pattern: Managing a List of Items via a Dialog

…using a Java EE container with JSF and Primefaces

Challenge Overview

Imagine we’ve got a list of things from persistence provider – that is, a database, or text file, or the some kind of RESTful webservice. 1,772 more words


Using JCache event listeners + loaders & writers

This blog will

  • zoom through JCache events, loaders and writers
  • look at scenarios when they are used together

You can download the sample maven project  294 more words

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