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Trending Meetup groups with Redis and Java EE

This is an application which displays the currently trending Meetup groups based on their (live) RSVPs feed. It’s built using Java EE 7 (uses WebSocket client & server APIs, Singleton EJB timers and CDI events to wire things up) and… 61 more words

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Java EE: Hello World, Kotlin

Are you a savvy Java EE 7 application developer? My bet is then, that you are using Java 7/8 for developing your favorite components (EJBs, CDI beans etc). 1,968 more words


Github: WebSocket applications...

I recently pushed a couple of WebSocket samples to Github. Both are based around the notion of a chat service – a canonical WebSocket example! These were originally meant to serve as additional material to the… 40 more words

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Must read: Java interfaces


When client code interacts with names, it will invoke those methods that are declared by List, and which are implemented by ArrayList.

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Quick tip: managing Stateful EJBs in WebSocket endpoints

@Stateful EJBs can be injected in WebSocket endpoints (supported by the WebSocket specification). There is an one-to-one association between the WebSocket client & endpoint (which is by default) as well as the injected  160 more words

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Introduce to Winter Security

Winter Security is one of the most important components of Winter Framework. It enhances security constraints adopted by the server application and eases development in the best possible ways. 1,864 more words

Five Links: Band of Brothers Edition

Happy Friday, everyone.

Red Hat has a lot of corporate blogs (worth reading!), but a huge part of our culture as a company is collaboration and meritocracy. 541 more words