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EE4J Code Arrives

Last week the EE4J project achieved an important milestone when the source code for the API and reference implementation of JSON-P JSR-374 project was pushed by… 273 more words


Where is Java EE going?

Last Summer, Oracle announced its intention to open source Java EE (Enterprise Edition). This has been confirmed at JavaOne 2017. This article is an attempt to clarify the current status and identify some perspectives. 1,847 more words

Which Java EE server am I running?

I’m new to Jenkins and reading “Learning Continuous Integration with Jenkins.” The author writes that “Jenkins can be installed as a service inside the following containers: Apache Geronimo 3.0, GlassFish…” (I think he meant Java EE servers, not containers). 212 more words


Red Hat JBoss EAP - a platform for current and future workloads

There is this myth that Java EE containers aren’t fast and agile enough to build modern applications. Although this is true for some app server vendors, it’s definitely not the case for Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform (JBoss EAP).   1,019 more words


Pesan Notifikasi | Vaadin


Selamat malam, ketemu lagi dengan kami lagi. kali ini kami akan membahas bagaimana caranya membuat notifikasi pada pemrograman java web menggunakan framework vaadin.

pada gambar diatas terlihat bahwa ketika tombol di tekan maka akan muncul sebuah pesan berisi tulisan “clicking”. 225 more words


Java WEB menggunakan Vaadin Framework

Vaadin Framework? digunakan untuk develop aplikasi web berbasis java, kelebihan dari framework ini adalah memiliki tampilan yang halus dan kode yang digunakan hampir mirip dengan source code java SE, sehingga para programmer Java yang sudah paham di swing tidak akan kesusahan untuk beradaptasi dengan framework ini. 70 more words

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JCP Exec Committee Posts Election Results

The Java Neighborhood Process (JCP), the standards-Development organization for Java, has posted the results of its 2017 Loss Executive Committee (EC) political election. 465 more words