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พอดี ผมทำ Java Bootcamp ไปเรื่อยๆ 2 เดือนครั้ง

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Java EE

Accessing Weblogic 12c's Runtime Properties Using JMX

In an use case I was working, I needed to access the Weblogic 12c runtime properties.
I searched for it in Oracle documentation, but I could not find a complete example, so I decided to create this blog post and a… 899 more words

Java Ee

Stateless is Painless

Java EE provides us with several beautiful API’s that can be used in harmony to build your enterprise level applications. In this post I would like to focus on one of these API’s: the EJB3 API, specifically “Stateless” Session Beans. 519 more words

Software Architecture

How to put breakpoints in a jsp file in Eclipse

I’m very new to Web Development. This took me hours to figure it out. Just want to share for other newbies like me :P

  1. Make sure you are using Eclipse with WTP (
  2. 42 more words

Tier me Up: Software Layering for The Unpracticed

When I started out as a programmer, I found that the classes I created were a mess of dependencies that resulted in cyclic references and other unwanted stuff. 923 more words

Java SE

Random JCache stuff: multiple Providers and JMX beans

JCache (JSR 107) is the Java standard for Caching… enough said. No more introductory stuff.

This is a quick fire post which talks about