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 TmaxSoft launches its JEUS offering in UK

 First web application server in the world to be J2EE 1.4 (JEUS 5), JAVA EE 5 (JEUS 6), and JAVA EE 6 (JEUS 7) certified now available to UK developers… 242 more words

Displaying an HTML Page inside a Vaadin 6 Application

In a recent use case I was working, I had to call a webservice that returned an html page and show it using Vaadin 6. 717 more words

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WebSocket Client API in Java EE 7

In this post, let’s explore the less talked about Web Socket Client API and how to leverage it within a Java EE 7 container itself… 407 more words


RESTful timers in Java EE

In this post….

  • Whirlwind tour of EJB timers
  • Working with EJB timers on the fly via simple REST interface with a sample implementation

——————————- Update (14 July 2015) ————————- 350 more words



The JAX-RS specification defines sensible defaults for the HTTP OPTIONS command. I actually stumbled upon this by chance! Not sure of this is very obvious (if it is, be kind and don’t laugh at me !) 182 more words


WebSphere Liberty auto scaling

Imagine a person who needs to go downtown every work day and buys a bus (instead of a small car or motorbike) to drive to and from work being the only passenger on that bus. 1,335 more words