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New WebSphere Liberty supports full Java EE 7

Yesterday IBM shipped a new production version of WAS Liberty with full support for the Java EE 7 profile. Read this blog article for full details of new features… 119 more words


Correlation between Java EE / J2EE to J2SE / JDK versions

Is there an official correlation between Java EE / J2EE and J2SE / JDK versions?

Sun may try to keep some kind of “correlation” to not confuse users and for marketing purpose but, AFAIK, …

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Quick tip: Exception handling in Message Driven Beans

Let’s do a quick review of exceptional handling with regards to Message Driven Beans.

The entry point into a MDB is the overridden onMessage method. It does not provide any scope for throwing checked exceptions and as a result, you will need to propagate unchecked exceptions (subclass of java.lang.RuntimeException) from your code if you want to handle error scenarios. 355 more words


Types of JMSContext in JMS 2.0

If you follow Java EE, the simplified API components in JMS 2.0 (Java EE 7) will not be unknown to you. One of the important interfaces which forms a part of the simplified API is the… 162 more words


RESTful WebService with AngularJS


This article is a demo of Java EE 7 RESTful web service being used together with AngularJS-based client.
The included web application example has to demonstrate in action a server-client bundle, played by JAX-RS and AngularJS respectively. 526 more words


How to monitor a Java EE DataSource


FlexyPool is an open-source framework that can monitor a DataSource connection usage. This tool come out of necessity, since we previously lacked support for provisioning connection pools. 1,318 more words


Create and Use Datasources in Apache Tomee 1.7.2 with H2 Database

I am creating a project using Apache Tomee as my development application server, because it is so fast to init and to deploy applications.

But I found that it is more strict than WebLogic, specially for defining and using resources like Queues and Datasources. 577 more words

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