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[JAX-RS] Use @Provider to leverage JAX-RS provider auto-discovery feature.

There are at least 2 ways to register a JAX-RS resource such as a set of web methods or the filters.

1. The first and the verbose way is to override the getClasses method in a subclass of Application. 214 more words


Inline If statement

In order to save the lines of code instead of using the typical if else we can use inline if statment:

skeleton is (a condition… 59 more words

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Notes on JPA L2 Caching

Here are some notes on L2 (level 2/shared) cache in JPA

Quick facts

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The Best Software Development and Finest Services by Anahata

A leading software development company in Melbourne is known as Anahata. With the great ideas and sole vision of the organization is to serve community with new features and development. 358 more words

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Hybrid queries with JPA 2.1

Before JPA 2.1

There were two types of queries

  • Named (static): these are declared using the @NamedQuery or @NamedQueries annotations.
  • Dynamic: as the name suggests, this type of query is specified¬†by the application logic at runtime…
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Automatically Cloning a Wildfly Instance Using Chef

As we have started moving to a service based architecture, we have been developing processes to create and configure our infrastructure in a predictable and repeatable way using… 437 more words