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Beginning With Apache Struts 2


This blog post is the first in a long series to discover the possibilities of the great and flexible Model-View-Controller framework that is Apache Struts 2… 896 more words

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Using Asynchronous timeouts in the Java WebSocket API

Sending messages in an asynchronous manner avoid blocking the sending thread. This is a great where your solution needs to scale in order to support a large number of clients. 153 more words

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Five Links: All My Friends Are Dead Edition

Happy Friday, everyone.

The end of the year is often a season of reflection. This year, that reflection seems to have taken a nihilistic tinge, as a lot of people are declaring things dead. 643 more words


Started a new blog: Simply Distributed

Hello readers!

Happy to announce that I have recently initiated another blog – Simply Distributed. Some things to note about the blog

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Accessing Tomcat JAAS-secured (Form-based) JAX-RS endpoint, from within Java EE client

Unlike my previous post here, sometimes we do need to access JAX-RS resource which is secured by the “traditional” approach of using FORM-based authentication (i.e. 635 more words

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Reflection - A Quick WrapUp :)

ok, I talked about reflection in couple posts specifically and indirectly I referred to them in a few others, but just to wrap up, Reflections are very useful and very powerful tool that every developers needed them in their toolbox. 128 more words


Dynamic provider registration in JAX-RS

The DynamicFeature class in JAX-RS (2.0) allows you to register providers

  • Dynamically i.e. without any pre-defined binding strategy (e.g. annotations)
  • Based on criteria i.e. to help decide which provider to bind to which JAX-RS resource(s)
  • 161 more words
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