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ODE TO OAK : Introduction to Java.

Java is an object oriented language developed by Sun Microsystems of USA in 1991. (Originally called Oak.)

Let us see some technical term used in java so that we can understand and learn the language with more clarity .

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Java Classes

Exploring your Java Class

class FirstJavaProgram {

 public static void main (String[] args) {
 System.out.println(“This is my First Java Program!”);

                        // Above code prints the string “This is my First Java Program!” 441 more words

Java Programming

What is Java

About Java Platform
– Java Virtual Machine
– Java API

About Java Platform

Java technology is both a programming language and a platform.

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Java Programming

Introduction To JAVA

JAVA is not an abbreviation, High level Object-Oriented Programming Language developed by sun Microsystems run on JVM” Virtual Machine”. it is currently large powerful language but not simple. 126 more words