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PCI Education By PCI Security Council - Courses, Titles, Benefits

PCI Security Council is a typical environment and compliance training supply for the range of top-five transaction card processors, MasterCard, Credit, American Express, Discover Card, and Japan Credit Bureau. 439 more words

Project on Java

We have project on Java. We need to answer the chapter 1 and chapter 2 exercises if we didn’t pass it on time we can’t take exam so I need to finish this xD


Introduction of Java As a Programming Language in Development Fields

Java can be a high level programming language in programming area. Java has been used for different application servers and web-pots. It’s an object oriented programming language virtually identical to C++. 530 more words

Constructor Overloading

A Java program to develop overloaded constructor.

class salary{

double basic;

double da;

double hra;

salary(double b,double d,double h){







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