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Winding things up

I’ve decided to put a bow on my CompanyB Java project, at least for a while. It’s been fun writing and maintaining this project, but I’ve decided to turn my attention towards using my open-source projects to expand my skillset into areas that I’ve really not touched in depth before, namely full-stack (and not just backend) web development. 17 more words

Java Programming

Exception Handling in Java – The Bad Parts

Trong bài lần trước, Exception Handling in Java – The Good Parts, tôi đã nêu ra các lợi ích của việc sử dụng Exception Handling trong Java. 1,175 more words

Exeption Handling

Exception Handling in Java - The Good Parts

Có một câu châm ngôn đã có từ lâu trong ngành phát triển phần mềm:

80% nỗ lực code của chúng ta được sử dụng trong 20% thời gian.

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Exeption Handling

Why JAVA Cannot Have Multiple Inheritance?

Suppose Java can have multiple inheritance, and let’s say both BaseA and BaseB are two concrete Java classes:

public class BaseA {
public void sayHi(){System.out.println(“Hi from A!”)};
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Mixing Java XML and Scala XML for Maximum Speed

Lets face it. ETL and data tasks are expected to be finished quickly. However, the amount of crud pushed through XML can be overwhelming. XML itself in java can take a while despite being relatively easily due to the need to loop through every attribute that one wished to create. 814 more words

Java Programming