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Welcome To my Blog, Actual Programming.

Hey Guys,

This is my new Blog, I started it today to keep you guys updated with what’s in my mind.

Recently I was working on Student Management System in Java, and the project is almost done, 78 more words

Actual Programming

Assign student to Different Grade and Console interaction

Last week we learned if statement to make a decision. In this week, we have an assignment to have Kelly to decide if a student should be in Grade 1 or 2 or …. 722 more words

Java Programming

ProCodeCG Kids Regular Coding Class - Intro to Programming, GameMaker and Java Programming

Hello from our class today! Some kids didn’t come because they had other things but it didn’t prevent the ones that made it to the class to have fun continuing their works from last week :) 293 more words


loop with for statement

The statement loop allows the program repeat the same action multiple times. When you know in advance how many times this action has to be repeated, you can use a loop with a keyword… 160 more words

Java Programming

The if statement

We have to make decisions in our daily life: If tutor tells me thisI’m going to answer that, otherwise I’ll do something else… 337 more words

Java Programming

Class Challenge: Car

  1. In Eclipse, create a new package in Java4Kids which is com.java4kids.car and a new Java class Car with the following methods:

public void start()

public void stop() 141 more words

Java Programming

Inheritance:Pet and Dog

  • Create a Class: Dog. Dog extends Pet. As a pet, dog or fish or bird, they all have common features, like eat, sleep, and say. We call this relationship as…
  • 261 more words
Java Programming