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JDBC Architecture

Java Architecture is consist of Java Application, JDBC API, DriverManager, Driver and Database.

Java Application is our client program which contains JDBC API client logic and our bussiness logic. 164 more words

Java Programming

Exactly how safe and secure is Java shows language?

It is a fact universally recognized, that a business of specific dimension must be in want of a venture application composed in Java. The recognized Java security is just one of the factors for it. 451 more words

Application Growth

Career in Java Programming

If you are searching for Java Course in Noida maybe you just want to know about the career in Java programming then you’ve come on the right place. 360 more words

Develop OSGi applications using karaf

Apache Karaf is a good platform for deploying OSGi based applications. Karaf is also a good platform for testing and debugging these applications. This article describes how to test and debug OSGi bundles and OSGi applications with karaf and eclipse. 1,021 more words


JAVA For Android Developer– Tutorial, Examples, And Programs

Android App are mostly developed in JAVA language using Android SDK (Software Development Kit). Other languages like C, C++, Kotlin etc. can also be used for developing Android App, but JAVA is most preferred and mostly used programming language for Android App Development. 1,286 more words


"save typing" using Static Imports

Sometimes classes will contain static members. Static class members can exist in the classes you write and in a lot of the classes in the Java API.  490 more words