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Why java is a machine independent language?

When java compiler (javac) compiles a java code (known as source code), it gets converted to BYTE code.Byte code is portable and can be easily executed on all platform like windows, linux, ios etc. 78 more words

Java Programming

What is data encapsulation in java?

Encapsulation in java is a process of wrapping code and data together into a single unit, for example capsule i.e. mixed of several medicines. 149 more words

Java Programming

What is difference between field and variables

What is a field?

A ‘field’ is something which can store the state of an object. Objects keep their states by keeping values in these fields and different objects may have different values to fields. 434 more words

Java Programming

How to write foreigner (Urdu/Arabic) text in Java?

Last week I had to write a simple java program in which jtextfield had to take foreigner language (Urdu/Arabic/Hindi) as input or I have to change the language of jtextfield. 528 more words

Arabic In Textfield

Encapsulation in Java

Encapsulation is the mechanism for restricting access to an object’s components. It aims for high maintenance and handling of the application’s code. Also, the encapsulation mechanism protects the members of a class from external access, in order to be protected against unauthorized access. 324 more words

Java Programming

Why List = new ArrayList() ? in Java

The main reason you’d do this is to decouple your code from a specific implementation of the interface. When you write your code like this: 84 more words


Learning about Lists

In a previous post, we introduced the Java Collections Framework or JCF. We defined the JCF as a collection of interfaces, classes, and algorithms that allow us to manipulate data in a way that promotes efficiency, readability, and performance. 556 more words