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Interview preparation: Cheat sheet, and my first multi-threaded application (with timing of how long each version took)

Cheat sheet!



My first multi-threaded application: Original single-threaded version

This duplicates a directory structure, where the tab indentation in every text file is replaced with spaces. 3,373 more words


Penggunaan Algoritma ECDSA Untuk Tanda Tangan Digital

Pada topik kali ini akan dibahas penggunaan sebuah algoritma kriptografi yang berfungsi untuk melakukan tanda tangan digital yaitu algoritma ECDSA. 1,692 more words

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Programming with Java

Hey Guys & Gals,

It has been quite a while, and posts have been down quite a bit. Here is the good news. Some advances on learning programming have been made. 63 more words


Summary of the major non-concurrent, non-synchronized Java collections

Studying up for a job interview. Big emphasis on concurrency in this company, which I’m inexperienced with. Reading Java Concurrency In Practice, and I’m finding myself reviewing the basic collection types over and over, so I’m putting them down here once and for all. 463 more words