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Bringing The Pieces Together...

Recently, one of my BCB readers asked me a question that brought about this blog topic, he said “I have read through your several posts but how do I bring them all together and write a complete functional code?” Then I thought to myself that he was right, probably other readers might also have the same challenge bringing all the pieces together. 1,039 more words

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How This Online Java Tutorial Website Has Totally Nailed It?

The website of java.meritcampus.com has impressed everyone with its introduction of highly structured online Java programming courses for students and professionals. Generally, the classrooms in various education centers concentrate on the theoretical concepts, lacking any preview of the practical working knowledge except a few. 204 more words


Java Programming - Step by Step tutorial for Beginners

Learn Java Programming with help of this following Step by Step tutorial

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Java Programming


As promised in my last post, I will be sharing sample codes showing how Java operators behave. I have named the Java classes in the sample codes after the operator class and I also added the result of each operation on the variables. 499 more words

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Basic Java Keywords and syntax I

A Syntax is the arrangement of words and phrases to create well-formed sentences in a language. According to Wiki, Java syntax is the set of rules defining how a Java program is written and interpreted. 633 more words

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12 Most Influential Books Every Software Engineer Needs to Read

This is a question that I get a lot, especially from co-workers or friends that are just beginning their journey as a software craftsman.

What book should I read to become a better developer?

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javarevisited reblogged this on Java Prorgram Examples and commented:

Indeed a great list, I have also shared list of books every programmer should read, very similar to yours, and hope I can add couple from here as well :)

Java Interview Questions - Resource

This list contains links to several Java Interview Questions articles, which are helpful for Java developers looking to build their knowledge from interview point of view. 815 more words

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