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static keyword in java

In java, there are various uses of static keyword few of them you can see with example.

static variable :

It is used in java for a single copy in class. 356 more words


Java Concepts that we must know.

  1. hashCode() & equals() method significance in Collections API :
  • public boolean equals(Object obj) :

This method checks if the object passed to this method is equal to the object on which it is invoked. 1,304 more words

Java Tutorial

I Lied: I Am Almost Done With the Java Video

Alright. I know I said that I would be releasing a Java video this past weekend, but I was not able to finish up everything and I will hopefully finish the video this week. 31 more words


More Java Videos Coming Soon: CodeByJosh on Youtube

Hello everyone. I have to admit that I have been Lazy. Actually, really lazy indeed. I have been wanting to make Java videos for the Youtube for quite some time now in the complete saturation of terrible programming content that is Youtube. 223 more words


Gradle Tutorial : Part 1 : Installation + Setup

To read an overview of this series, refer to the original blog post.

LAST UPDATE : January 21, 2015 : Updated instructions for latest version of Gradle i.e. 1,927 more words


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If you want to learn Gradle, this is the best tutorial you can follow.

Java quirks and interview gotchas

Interviewers are a diverse lot. Some care about this, others about that, each has her own set of biases, and short of being perfect, there’s really no way to please everyone. 1,686 more words


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In fact finding this can be a good questions. I find questions like memory leak and Serialization are really trick for average Java developers, worth including in my list of trick Java question.