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Top 50 Programmer Phone Interview Questions with Answers

Telephonic interviews are very¬†different than face-to-face interviews. You need to be more clear, concise and to the point while answering questions and that’s why questions asked on phone interviews are also very specific. 37 more words

Java Tutorial

Top 20 jQuery Interview Questions and Answers

In last 5 to 6 years jQuery has completely changed how you use JavaScript. It has become the default standard of client side scripting, DOM manipulation, basic animation, and validation. 54 more words

Java Tutorial

10 Books Every Software Engineer Should Read

It’s an old saying that books are best friend, they only give doesn’t demand anything. Programmers should always keep that in mind because best way to learn programming is by not repeating mistakes which others have done, and what could be the best way to learn this other than reading books written by those great programmers. 61 more words

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10 Great Programming languages and their Inventors

It feels sad if a programmer claim to know a programming language, programming on it for couple of years but doesn’t even know the programmer who has created it; sounds strange but it happens. 56 more words

Java Tutorial

20 Great jQuery Interview Questions and Answers

jQuery is must for a Java Web developer, due to enormous popularity of this client side JavaScript library, it is expected from Java JEE web developer to have basic knowledge of jQuery and that makes it part of interview process. 34 more words

Java Tutorial

Java 8 Date and Time API Examples for Programmers

If you want to learn Java 8’s new Date and Time API, these examples can help you a lot. Right from getting today’s date to today’s time to add hours, days and months into dates, comparing two dates to see which comes before or after, formatting and parsing dates in thread-safe manner an d many more @¬† 7 more words

Java Tutorial

static keyword in java

In java, there are various uses of static keyword few of them you can see with example.

static variable :

It is used in java for a single copy in class. 356 more words