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Java technology is both a programming language and a platform.

Java – As a Programming Language

The Java programming language is a high-level, object-oriented and general-purpose computer programming language. 697 more words

Futures Of JAVA

What is Java Programming?

Here i am going to introduced with java programming and its features,How-to,And Internal Information that will help to them who wants to be a Java Developer.So what is java? 151 more words

What Is Java

Introduction to jshell


Java 9 introduces JShell and a Read-Eval-Print Loop (REPL) for the Java Programming Language. REPL allows you to evaluate code snippets such as declarations, statements, expressions. 858 more words

Java Tutorial

Make your own Voice Command App using Java and Sphinx4

Hello and welcome to another tutorial on Java, In this tutorial we’ll be creating a Voice command application using Java and Sphinx4 Speech Recognition Library… 1,923 more words

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Why do we need PACKAGES in java?

In our previous set of tutorials, you must have noticed the use of package and you have seen the import statements following the package statement in most of the classes. 774 more words

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History of Java Technology - JavaTportal

The History of Java Technology

History of Java is remarkable to know. Java starts form The Green team and a project was initiated in December of 1990. 258 more words

Features Of Java


Today we will be concluding the set of posts I have been sharing on how to bring the pieces of our previous lessons together and write a meaningful code. 1,239 more words

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