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Mods for Java Edition

The Java edition of Minecraft can be spiced up with some good mods. I want to discuss two of the best mod options for Java: Optifine and Forge. 326 more words


Create a PDF document in Java using a free API

Usually, we can get a PDF document only by converting other document formats. Here, I will introduce a method to directly create a PDF document with a head, paragraph and image, which is that using Java code to do it programmatically. 687 more words


Java Collections: Map

In this post series, we are going to talk about a common data structure named Map, and its implementations HashMap and TreeMap, and… 1,571 more words


What is the order of learning coding (programming) languages?

Photo by ThisIsEngineering from Pexels

I have been teaching programming for close to 35 years and I assure you that there is no particular order in which you have to learn programming languages. 399 more words


A Weird Side Entrance

One of the main reasons I blog is to remind myself how easily one can use software development techniques to make bad decisions. I do it myself all the time… 697 more words


Kafka & Zookeeper for Development: Connecting Clients to the Cluster

Previously we achieved to have our Kafka brokers connect to a ZooKeeper ensemble. Also we brought down some brokers checked the election leadership and produced/consumed some messages. 593 more words


Newsletter – Week 47, 2020