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Learning JavaFx

Hey Everyone,

Been studying hard the past few days so decided to take a coding break today and continue work on a task management application for my portfolio. 208 more words

Computer Programming

Why override hashCode(), equals()?

We have to override the two methods when we need customized comparision instead of comaprision by reference.

By default both these methods take reference of object for consideration. 429 more words

Misnomer: static Keyword

If you look up “static” in a dictionary you find many meanings, none of which explains its use in programming languages. So why is it used in Java, and how is it misunderstood? 874 more words


Simon's Archimedean Solids Project

Simon is working on a project that will involve constructing the Archimedean solids from paper pieces that he programs in Processing (Java) and prints out. He has already programmed the triangular and the square pieces, but needs to do some working out to be able to write the code for the pentagons. 91 more words


Till I 'find' them, can you 'get' that?

‘Get’ vs ‘Find’ is something very much misunderstood in the software world especially when it comes to implementing them in DAO or Repositories.

Get: is when you have an id to query against your database and expect a corresponding row available.

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