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オラクル、エンタープライズJavaの最新動向を説明 [ #cloud ]

日本オラクル株式会社は2日、エンタープライズJavaの最新動向に関する説明を実施した。米Oracle クラウド・アプリケーション基盤開発担当グループ・バイスプレジデントのアニール・ガー氏は、「Java EE(Enterprise Edition)は、クラウドやマイクロサービス向けのアプリケーション開発を想定した点が特徴。エンタープライズシステム構築の標準仕様であり、JCPプロセスに沿って、コミュニティとともに提案仕様の検討を進めている。ベンダーロックインがないという利点がある」などと語った。



Variable Argument

Variable Argument(also known as varargs) is a new feature that was long-requested in Java. As part of Java SE5, varargs provides convenient way to pass unknown quantities of arguments as well as unknown types from one place to another. 321 more words


Writing MQ Headers in IBM BPM 8.5.7

This logg is about how to write MQ headers in IBM BPM  8.5.7 / IBM ESB in an SMO.

This will explain some basics and some more advanced methods on writing headers with the MQHeaderSetter / JMSHeaderSetter and with Java. 301 more words


Noobie approach for Java

Java programming language was originally developed by Sun MicroSystem led by James Gosling. After that it was acquired by Oracle.

Java is Objected Oriented, Platform Independent, Secure, Portable, Robust, Multithread, Dynamic, Distributed. 385 more words


Getting Started with Hibernate Search

Getting Started with Hibernate Search


Hibernate Search is an extension to Hibernate ORM that adds powerful capabilities, boosting the power and efficiency of queries. It depends on Apache Lucene and is typically used to implement “full-text search.” This newly updated Refcard breaks down getting started with Hibernate Search and searching your database. 28 more words


Selenium tutorial - Send keys

You can send value to input box with sendkeys method in selenium.
Step 1: get xpath or id of input box or another component. You can use extension Selector Gadget (for chrome browser) or xpathfinder(for firefox browser). 17 more words

Java Books for intermediate Programmer

Source: http://www.java67.com/2016/06/12-must-read-advance-java-books-for-intermediate-programmers.html#at_pco=smlwn-1.0&at_si=584566cebd447e1e&at_ab=per-2&at_pos=0&at_tot=1