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How to configure postgres data base in a spring boot application

There are 2 steps involved in configuring postgres sql data base to a spring boot application assuming we already have data base setup.

  1. Add postgres sql dependency to pom.xml.
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Sample web application project using Plain JavaSE - Maven Embedded

Hi, in this post i’ll be publishing a sample web application with an endpoint that runs a maven command and prints logged output to response. 166 more words


Voice Controlled Blinds - The initial plan

I’m already able to operate my bedroom lights using my Google Home, so why am I still manually adjusting my blinds like a chump?

Wouldn’t it be great if I could operate my blinds using my voice? 269 more words

Runnable vs () -> Unit

In Java, whenever you want to wrap some actions and execute them later, we will probably use Runnable implementation. The run() method of the Runnable… 486 more words


Simple k-means algorithm in JAVA


Here is the JAVA code for the implementation of the k-means algorithm with two partitions from the given dataset.

  1. In this algorithm, k random means are chosen for k partitions.
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NEHU: M.Tech (IT): 2018

HTTP server from scratch: Unit testing

This is a part two in the series to build a web server from scratch without external dependencies. Part one can be found here

Now that we have minimal setup working, next area of focus is testing. 401 more words


Oracle Java Documentation On Input Output Byte Streams


The byte stream is the basis of Java file operations. Bytes deal with low level information in the file. Other formats such as character will operate on the file contents as characters. 579 more words