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3. Java Terminologies and First Program

For a beginner  who is new to object oriented programming the words object, classes, methods, instance variables, identifiers may be a bit overwhelming. Although they seem fancy ,once you understand the concepts and  get familiar ,they will be much simpler to understand. 625 more words


2. How to setup Java environment?

How to setup Java environment?

Setting up Java environment involves
  • downloading installing and setting up Java Development kit from Oracle
  • setting up environment variables on your machine…
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[AIO] learn to code [English]

With so many high-quality resources all over the internet, it has never been easier to learn how to program. One of the best sources of tutorials is YouTube – it offers an abundance of channels aimed at those who want to learn about coding. 373 more words


Mengenal Functional Interface di Java

Functional Interface adalah sebuah interface yang hanya mempunyai satu method abstract saja. Jadi semua interface yang kita buat jika interface tersebut hanya memiliki satu abstarct method saja, secara otomatis akan menjadi Functional Interface. 238 more words


Weekend Reading List

This week’s suggestion comes directly from Devnexus, one of the largest Java conferences in the world. If you’re at Devnexus stop by and say hi. 147 more words


Java 9 Modularity in Action

Modularity is an architectural principle where the code is splitted in to components called modules based on common functionality. Why do we need modules? when we develop an API we need to expose only necessary services, the other modules which uses your API shouldn’t care about the implementation so the code should be highly encapsulated this is possible using modules, so the only way to interacting with the API is through the exposed services. 27 more words


ACID Properties for Database Transactions

ACID is one of the main concepts or compliance to handle transactions in relational database systems (RDBMS). Full form of the ACID acronym is : 354 more words