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Blog posts related to the Habari Client libraries product line are now available in the new blog (https://habarisoft.wordpress.com/). Blog articles related to open source projects ( 23 more words

Software Development

Serverless on AWS Lambda


Serverless is now one of the hottest trend in IT world. A more accurate name for it is Function as a Service (FaaS… 2,075 more words

Tangerang Chinatown

Beginning of this month June, I traveled to Tangerang, a city outside of Jakarta, and visited the China Town with my Instagram boyfriend. There I learned the history about Chinese-descendant in Indonesia. 204 more words

My Stellycious Life

Caching in Gradle

Setting up a CI pipeline is nowadays a standard in software development. In our case, we use jenkins as a CI server with one master and one slave. 769 more words

Serialization tutorial – Part IV

You can go through the part III here, If you haven’t yet.


Let us now only serialize the object DerivedTestObject. So object will be converted into byte streams and saved into the file. 1,147 more words


Using completable futures in Java

This week I needed to download a lot of files on a remote server using multi-threading.
I always try to avoid multi-threading and treat it as an absolute last option as it makes code significantly more complicated as well as introducing all the really hard to debug bugs that it brings (race conditions, thread starvation\locks etc). 303 more words