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Greenfoot Games Tips #11

As this month primarily focuses on bug fixes in my existing Greenfoot games, I will at least cover a few more tips on these games. 282 more words


Dockerize Microservice (SpringBoot RESTful Application with Mysql)

Statement : With the help of Docker, one can easily create, deploy and run their applications. So in this article, we’ll learn how one can deploy their Microserives (Spring Boot Application connected with Mysql Backend) to Docker Container. 519 more words


History of Java 

History of Java

Java एक general purpose object oriented programming लैंग्वेज है। Sun Microsystems ने java 1991 में U.S. में बनायीं थी। पहले java का नाम oak रखा गया था लेकिन बाद में इसे change करके java किया गया था। Java James Gosling ने develop की थी। 351 more words


Hidden Gems: Event-Driven Change Notifications in Relational Databases


Wouldn’t it be great if we could receive event-driven change notifications (EDCN) when data changes directly from the database without having to poll for updates? 3,189 more words

Software Engineering

Odśmiecanie w Jawach 9 – 15 na 4Developers

Właśnie skończyłem mówić na festiwalu 4Developers. Muszę przyznać, że czułem się jak w telewizji z wszystkimi przejściami, za kulisy, na scenę, do sesji pytań i odpowiedzi, wstępnej pogaduszki a przede wszystkim z racji na frazę “dziękuję, oddaję głos do studia”. 154 more words


Rate Limiting Spring Reactive Web APIs (Bucket4J)

Based on a couple of other good guides out there – see reference [1]. Updated for Spring Reactive Webflux


Rate limiting within Reactive Spring Web can be achieved in a number of ways so to expand on a couple of different scenarios we define the following goals: 989 more words