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Android App ep.101

My Network Reporter

For this project we are going to be creating a simple application using TextFields, EditText, and a TextWatcher.

This tutorial assumes you know basic information about widgets and Java programming…

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Series: Be a Problem Solver Not a DBA #1

I’m going to try from time to time to publish some scenarios I have been in throughout my career where being a DBA doesn’t mean being a DBA, it means being a problem solver. 586 more words

Problem Solving

Crack Programming And Coding Interviews in 1st Attempt

About this Course

Programming interviews are like standard plays in professional sport – prepare accordingly. Don’t let Programming Interview gotchas get you down!

  • This course has been drawn by a team that has conducted hundreds of technical interviews at Google and Flipkart…
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Tips to Use the Right Structural Pattern

The following table shows the main five structural patterns with definitions from “Head First Design Patterns” and “Design Patterns: Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software… 169 more words


ADF vs. Oracle Jet? is ADF Dead ?

How to architect my applications ?

Is ADF Dead ?

When should i use Oracle Jet?

These three questions are running in the head of devlopers & Service delivery managers. 282 more words


Functional Interface


A functional interface is an interface which has one and only one abstract method defined. Still you can have a default method in it as per Java 8 specification. 716 more words


Installing Java 8 on Ubuntu

First check if Java is already installed on the system. Run the below command to check if Java is already installed on the system.

java –version…

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