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Upstairs Downstairs

After living for two weeks in a hotel in Bandung, we were very happy to move into a house.

It’s a lovely house, but it’s only short term until we find something more permanent; we haven’t unpacked those five suitcases just yet. 732 more words


Command Design Pattern

This pattern helps to decouple the invoker and the receiver.Four terms associated with the command pattern are command, receiver, invoker and client.


Turning a laptop into a Java application server

This is just my own proposition of things needed to be done to turn a laptop into a Java application server under control of a Linux operating system and using Apache Tomcat. 385 more words


Iterator Design Pattern

It allows to traverse through a collection of objects without exposing the underlying representation.

We will try to create a Iterator for traversing through a Container containing some kind of elements. 349 more words


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silver week 2016

short work week this week as it is the 2016 silver week.  its called “silver week” because it is a shorter holiday (3 working days off) compared to the “golden week” around may (usually lasts a whole week).   121 more words

Strategy Design Pattern

The pattern allows one of a family of algorithms to be selected on the fly at runtime.Strategy lets the algorithm vary independently from the clients that use it. 249 more words


How to debug Maven Test case

The Maven Surefire Plugin allows remote debugging of unit tests.

>mvn -Dmaven.surefire.debug test

The tests will automatically pause and await a remote debugger on port 5005. 31 more words