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Java Wrappers

Now that we have seen the 8 primitive data types, we shall see how we can play further with them.

When we create a variable with the primitive data type, we are restricted to retain the same datatype until the end. 482 more words


Make your future streamlined with CompletableFuture

Java created the interface Runnable to make us understand how an introvert looks like. If you say why, I would say you to look at the method run of Runnable. 608 more words


Life As We Know It

Brita – This is probably my favorite post because I get to tell you about all of the ins and outs of life before you arrived. 635 more words

Baby Tatum

Greenfoot Games Tips #9

As there are not a lot of changes on my existing Greenfoot games, I will at least cover a few more tips on these games. 291 more words


THe First Question(courtesy of a Textbook)

Q: Write down a java program to accept a number and print it in words. use appropriate messages.use scanner class method for input.


import java.util.*; 275 more words

Temple Thoughts

from the steps of Candi Cetho, Gunung Lawu