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Another Day

Another day of coding out of the way and i discovered that writing code from nothing is actually pretty intimidating. Staring at that blank screen can be pretty scary. 206 more words

Browsing folders with Kotlin

Kotlin offers significant improvements to Java. But coming from a Java background, it can sometimes get tricky. I was looking at browsing folders and I found Kotlin’s method walkTopDown: 363 more words


Winium example with word automation

I have been exploring the new tools for windows based apps automation, having worked on white API and its lack of documentation and complexity in writing the code, i was searching for good alternative. 691 more words


Email Client designed using JavaMail JavaFX and SceneBuilder.

This project makes use of Less Secure App (Always On) and GMail’s IMAP and SMTP information to send and receive Email Messages with Attachments, it also has functionality to save attachment files to hard disk. 13 more words


Look Good In Front Of Your Coworkers By Acing This Quiz on Java Basics

A celebration of knowledge

Whether you’re new to Java, returning after a break, or a seasoned user, everyone can benefit from a SURPRISE QUIZ now and again. 601 more words


List of programming questions

Are you planning to test your basics/ having a interview soon.

Below are the list of questions one must practice before going for any interview: 143 more words

Introducing Quarkus: a next-generation Kubernetes native Java framework By Jason Greene 

By Jason Greene

Java was introduced to the open-source community more than 20 years ago and it still remains popular among developers. In fact, Java has never ranked lower than #2 on the  564 more words