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Reactive Programming in Spring- Introduction

In this article we will discuss in brief about Reactive Programming and also focus on why the Spring team deprecated the RestTemplate client in favor of the new WebClient introduced as part of Spring 5. 1,076 more words

Native threads and JNI

It is well known a thread not generated from Java itself, like pthread_create on android, or a native activity, can’t find a JVM method by calling Java env’s… 435 more words


Micro services Tips

Here in this article, I would like to explain top 10 tips which we can use


Restriction d'accès pour une méthode pesant sur une bibliothèque requise dans Bonita Studio

Bonita Studio, c’est un peu comme Eclipse, mais en plus confidentiel, des fois.

Je m’explique : il y a des menus que l’on peut ouvrir quand on nous propose (fort heureusement) de corriger des problèmes, mais après, personnellement je ne trouve plus comment accéder par moi-même à la bonne fenêtre de configuration ; mais bref. 313 more words

Java String Comparisons

Sample Input 0


Sample Output 0


Explanation 0

String  s = “welcome to java” has the following lexicographically-ordered substrings of length k = 3… 203 more words

New date 30 days java

New date 30 days java

8k88 gold badges9898 silver badges115115 bronze badgesasked May 8’11 at 22:39JimJim10211 gold badge22 silver badges66 bronze badgesadd a comment | 3 Answers 3activeoldestvotes38Updated answer (2018)One way to add 30 days to a date string is to parse it to a Date, add 30 days, then format it back to a string. 486 more words


3. Java Terminologies and First Program

For a beginner  who is new to object oriented programming the words object, classes, methods, instance variables, identifiers may be a bit overwhelming. Although they seem fancy ,once you understand the concepts and  get familiar ,they will be much simpler to understand. 642 more words