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Tips & Tricks for a Self-Taught Programmer

Are you a self-taught programmer? Or do you want to become one? Being a programmer is one of the best jobs you can get on the market nowadays. 371 more words

Microsoft Offering Free Private Repositories At Github

Since Microsoft bought Github a few months ago, many users had decided to leave the platform, moving their projects to Gitlab. Now everything changes since Microsoft allows free private projects (before they were only the public) but only limited to three collaborators per repository. 101 more words


How to install Android Studio in Debian Stretch

Before we install android studio we need to check out that we have the oracle’s Java SDK installed. You can check this post about how to install and configure Java in Debian Stretch… 159 more words

Quick And Dirty Guide To ...

Beginning Game Of Life


Game of Life is basically a cellular automation model created by British mathematician John Horton Conway back in the 70s.

This is basically a computer game, more precisely a zero-player computer game. 735 more words


Behavioural Design Patterns: Strategy

Previously we used the state in order to add some functionality to an application based on the user state. Our next behavioural design pattern is Strategy. 360 more words