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Heap Sort

  • Heap Sort is similar to selection sort where we first find the maximum element and place the maximum element at the end. We repeat the same process for remaining element.
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Solving algorithm question number 2, product array question. I am a day late with this post, but at least I completed the question? A brief summary: basically obtain a new array with the product of all the numbers in the array except the element in index i. 184 more words


Een Javaanse love story: de tempels van Prambanan

Zwart beregende tempels in de vorm van enorme dennenappels steken fel af tegen de oranje lucht van de ondergaande zon. De zevende eeuwse tempels van Prambanan bij Yoygyakarta in Indonesië zijn misschien wel mooier dan hun bekendere grote broer: de Borobudur. 380 more words


Greenfoot Games Tips #7

As we’re near the end of the spring season of 2019, I’ll be explaining a few more tips on my existing Greenfoot projects.

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If you are a Java programmer, you should switch from Oracle to OpenJDK now!!!

Simply put: if you are not a paying customer of Oracle, then you should NOT be developing in java using Oracle’s version of Java. You should be using OpenJDK, which is available not only free-of-charge but is also entirely open-source and has no restrictions on how you can use it. 27 more words


Setting up java11 javafx development environment on Windows 10

In light of the recent change the licensing for Java as provided by Oracle, it has necessarily become the case that developers (unless they are paying Oracle customers) should switch to OpenJDK. 544 more words