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3 Days Tour in Samtskhe-Javakheti / Самцхе-Джавахети 3 дня

Cities: Ninotsminda, Akhalkalaki, Akhatsikhe, Borjomi



Rabati Castle

Places: Dashbash canyon, Pharavani lake, Kumurdo, Vardzia caves city, Abastumani, Saphara, Rabati Castle,  Borjomi National park, Green Monastery. 31 more words


Khertvisi Fortress

You haven’t drive miles to the middle of nowhere to see this beautiful fortress, it’s just on the way to famous Vardzia ancient cave town. Simply don’t miss it when Vardzia Road splits from the main Akhalkalaki Road and be sure to get views from both roads.

Images by Aleksandrs Znovs ©

Armenian Ethnic Nationalism in Georgia: Historical, Demographic and Political Analysis

Theme of this easy taken from the website of Diplomatic Observer but edited by Roupen Bsag.

It is reported that the movements that began with cultural rights demands by Armenians who live in Javakhethi region of Georgia haven gone through maturity period and it has been prepared a draft constitution by taking advantage from political instability in which Georgia fell down. 496 more words

Armenian Ethnic Nationalism