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If I speak Dutch

Imagine living and working in a Dutch-speaking country and everyone’s pressuring me to speak the language fluently just because my husband is Dutch. Oh, please! Really… 198 more words


The Tale of Javanese Bride

Traditional Javanese wedding is the most rich, fragrant, complicated yet beautiful form of event I have ever experienced. The complete traditional Javanese wedding has several complicated traditional rituals, each of them have meanings. 42 more words


life is a flame

I thank God for Travis Kalanick and Garrett Camp and their application called, Uber. My life is so much easier now that I don’t have to stress out because of Jakarta’s traffic (not because the traffic is less) and also gives me a very-lazy-to-drive habit. 501 more words

Reality Juggler


Hujan. Untung neduh. đŸ™‚

Sedang asik-asiknya mengayuh pedal di tanjakan, eh hujan turun. Bagus.

Untung ada bus stop nganggur, jadi bisa neduh. Beneran bagus.

Sebenarnya, sejak dari rumah juga sudah kelihatan mendung berarak di langit kota, cuma ya saya keukeuh pergi gowes untuk membuang limbah emosi dan mengaktifkan otak supaya bekerja normal seperti sediakala. 348 more words

These are some photos I took during my Lunar New Year trip. This year, I intentionally visited Petak Sembilan in Glodok area, West Jakarta, where it is a very large Chinatown particularly in Jakarta.

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In both Javanese and Sundanese languages, dahar and sare mean eat and sleep, respectively.

But in Javanese, they are the polite versions for those words. While in Sundanese, they are the rude ones. 36 more words

Austronesian Language Family

A research by Dhani Irwanto, 16 January 2017

The Austronesian language family stretches halfway around the world, covering a wide geographic area from Madagascar to Easter Island, and from Taiwan and Hawai to New Zealand. 2,748 more words