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Multiple Arjunas .

Pan-Indian Arjun, Indonesian Arjun, Bengali Arjun, Tamil Arjun.

Zapped? Don’t be!

Indonesia, with its huge Buddhist & Hinduist influences has its own Mahabharat. Variations between ‘our’ MB & ‘their’ MB – some quirky, some weird, some hilarious, some disgusting, some beyond imagination. 481 more words


Putu Ayu Cake

Putu Ayu cake is one of the popular traditional cake from Java. Cake display with sprinkling of white grated coconut at the top and green in the bottom. 156 more words


The Other Place Called Home, Joglo Jago

JOGLO JAGO, is the residence of a Jogjarta-Indonesian artis named Sudargono or Gono or i simply call him father-in-law. He’s a painter whose masterpieces are put in museums across the world. 764 more words

Nodding Subservient

Here in Jogja, if I meet someone on the street, I will softly nod to them. This gesture is common to show politeness. This is how you let them know that you notice them, that you care with their existence. 329 more words

Language And People

Museum Malang Tempo Doeloe

If you go on a holiday in Malang, you really should visit Museum Malang Tempo Doeloe. It’s a small but nice museum about Malang throughout the years, from the time of the Hindu and Buddhist kingdoms to the present day. 407 more words


Gudeg Pejompongan

Salah satu jagoan gudeg di Jakarta, Gudeg Pejompongan seperti namanya, terletak di daerah Bendungan Hilir, Pejompongan. Seporsi gudeg komplit terdiri dari nasi pulen, gudeg (nangka),  sambal goreng krecek, tempe, ayam, dan telur. 77 more words



Raised by a married couple with two different culture and race makes me feel so special. My mom is originally from dusun ethnics and my el padre is a javanese. 489 more words