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Diman, Sebuah Akhir?

Every story has an end, katanya begitu. Ya memang sih, seperti sebuah perjalanan pada akhirnya akan berhenti di stasiun, terminal, bandara atau di antah berantah. Berhenti untuk kembali melanjutkan perjalanan yang lain atau berhenti untuk menetap, tinggal. 212 more words

7 Hypoallergenic Cats

Facts on Hypoallergenic Cats 

All cats produce an allergen from their skin or saliva (not hair) but some produces less allergens than others. Thus the word “hypo” which means “less than” in the word hypoallergenic. 445 more words


Friday Outing - Bruschetta Making!

Froggy here!

It was Friday.

Ducky and I woke up early to start buying ingredients for bruschetta at the traditional market since we thought it’d be cheaper in price, remembering it was coming to the end of the month, and our pocket was getting thinner. 664 more words

Froggy's Random Daily Blog

Multiple Arjunas .

Pan-Indian Arjun, Indonesian Arjun, Bengali Arjun, Tamil Arjun.

Zapped? Don’t be!

Indonesia, with its huge Buddhist & Hinduist influences has its own Mahabharat. Variations between ‘our’ MB & ‘their’ MB – some quirky, some weird, some hilarious, some disgusting, some beyond imagination. 481 more words


Putu Ayu Cake

Putu Ayu cake is one of the popular traditional cake from Java. Cake display with sprinkling of white grated coconut at the top and green in the bottom. 156 more words


The Other Place Called Home, Joglo Jago

JOGLO JAGO, is the residence of a Jogjarta-Indonesian artis named Sudargono or Gono or i simply call him father-in-law. He’s a painter whose masterpieces are put in museums across the world. 764 more words